SEObar preferences

This tab contains configuration for SEObar tool.

SEObar configuration tab
SEObar Enabled:
this enables the SEObar from being displayed within your browser
Show on HTTPS:
this enables the SEObar to be present on https pages
Load Parameter:
select the “on page load” option to have these parameters automatically displayed for whichever page you navigate to or the “by request” option to requests these parameters on command.
this will allow you to choose where the SEObar is displayed within your browser window. You can choose multiple variations of position within your browser.
Colour style
this will allow you to choose which colour theme is used for SEObar display.
SEObar configuration tab
here you can choose the particular parameters you would like displayed on the given landing page you are analyzing
SEObar configuration tab
Special Parameters:
here you will see various options for other parameters that you can have included within your SEObar.
SEObar configuration tab
URL Filters:
you can exclude certain domains or URLs in which you would like for the SEObar to not be displayed.