General preferences

This tab contains most general options of SEOquake.

General configuration
SEOquake is Enabled:
This will simply enable or disable SEOquake from your browser.
Enable Parameters Caching:
This will alter the cache settings of SEOquake. If it is on, SEOquake will cache all Parameters values internally until browser restart. This option help you to prevent beeing banned at parameters service providers (eg. Google).
Clear cache:
This button, provides fast internal cache clean if Enable Parameters Caching is on.
Parameters Request Delay:
This will determine how quickly you receive the parameters set within your preferences. PLEASE NOTE: choosing a fast request delay could cause a ban from Google.
Export Filename Template:
this gives you the option to format how the filename is created for your exports. You can choose to include a date, a time or both.
Highlight No-Follow:
this will mark links that are no-follow links with a strikethrough. If you notice that a strikethrough appears in a link on a page, this is because the link contains the rel=”nofollow” tag.
Load Parameters:
this gives you the option to have these parameters displayed automatically or by request, meaning when you click the request parameter button.