Internal & External links

This report will list all of the internal links present on the given landing page. This will list each link, the anchor text associated with the link as well as parameters for these links. You may see a refresh icon listed under these columns. You can simply click this button to receive the metrics under each parameter. You can also click the “request all parameters” button displayed in the top left of this report. If any of these links are repeated within this page, you will notice a gray circle with a number displaying how many times the link is repeated. Next to this circle will be a place for an Anchor if the link has anchor text associated with it. You can also add/hide these parameters with the button listed in the top left along with the option to Save as CSV. The external links report, listed under the External tab, will display any external links that exist on the page. This interface is structured the same way as the internal links report. You can apply the same navigation methods within this report.

Links report