Keywords density

Page Diagnosis report can also work in conjunction with the Keyword Density report. Located under the Density tab, this report will display all the keywords mentioned on the given landing page. Sorted by Repeats in descending order, the most mentioned keywords are listed first within this chart. The “Found In” column will display where the keyword is found on the landing page. To see what any symbol means, simply hover over the letter to reveal where the keyword is found. The first chart listed here will display all keywords, however, if you want to break these keywords down further, as you scroll down this page you will see separate charts for 1-word keywords, 2-word keywords, 3-word keywords, 4-word keywords along with original text.

Keyword density tool report

The Density column will list how much of the total words does the individual keyword represent. The Prominence column will list the importance of the individual keyword on the given landing page. You will also notice listed to the right will be the “Page Info” box which will display the Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description for the given landing page. Below this box gives you the option to filter the keywords listed within this report.