The Best SEO/Marketing Forums and Message Boards to Watch Out for in 2020

The Best SEO/Marketing Forums and Message Boards to Watch Out for in 2020

Google is constantly updating its algorithms. In 2018, the search engine made 3234 changes in the work of ranking sites. This figure is increasing every year. In addition, only a small part of the updates receive official confirmation. Experts are forced to guess about the rest on their own by all sorts of indirect signs. Therefore, webmasters from all over the world decided to join forces to share their insights with each other. Useful information is posted on forums, message boards, and specialized groups.

In this long read, we will not publish a list of the top 100 forums, but we will only list main sites where marketers and SEO specialists share relevant data, talk about their life hacks, and provide useful advice.

Top 15 Expert Forums for SEO and Marketing

1. Google Webmaster Central Help

Support Google

This is a Google SEO forum where webmasters can read news about updates from an official source and scoop up any other useful information about the site’s promotion. With more than 1000 discussions per month, the ability to ask any SEO question and get an answer from the professionals, and clear navigation and search, the site has many bonuses available on the Google forum.

For the convenience of users, all topics are divided into four main categories. If you haven’t found the topic you need, you can enter your request in the search bar, or click Ask now and ask a question to the community representatives.

Support Google

Google encourages community development by encouraging advanced webmasters to join the Product Expert Program.

2. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is the world’s largest online marketing platform. Each topic is disclosed as clearly as possible. There is a huge number of categories and over 1.5 million active users. You can register for free, or you can buy a subscription and join the premium community with additional bonuses. This includes access to useful marketing tools and training courses. 

Another bonus of the site is that there is a section with webmaster blogs in addition to categories with discussions. They are conveniently categorized.

Warrior Forum

3. Webmaster World

Webmaster World

WebmasterWorld is another major education, news, and discussion forum for professional webmasters and newbies. Among the advantages are convenient navigation through sections and topics, links to many useful tools for online marketing, the ability to hire a professional for promotion, and much more.

Like the previous site, you can buy a pro account, which will open access to private forums. There are discussions about technical and marketing topics related to web mastering in more depth and you can even ask for expert opinion on a particular site. With a paid subscription, you can get access to the closed Google SEO community.

4. Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire

This site has almost 220 thousand participants and over 147 thousand topics. Wicked Fire is the place to go to learn about SEO, web design, development, internet marketing, and affiliate marketing strategies. Registration gives you the opportunity to read threads, communicate privately with community members, download useful content, and ask questions.

This forum has a trading zone, but you should be especially careful and attentive when performing trading operations.

5. V7N Webmaster Forum


This is a web developer forum with a separate category for marketing. Although there is not a large variety of topics like previous sites, we still advise you to register here and periodically drop in to check for updates. Access is free, and really good webmasters use the site.

6. Digital Point

Digital Point

Digital Point covers forums for SEO, marketing, e-commerce, affiliate programs, web development, and design. Among these things, this is a marketplace where you can buy websites, domains, various services, and services. Over 868 thousand users are registered here and more than 2 million topics are maintained. You can go to the Home tab to read industry news or use useful tools from the Tools tab. Navigation is simple, registration is free.

7. Black Hat World

Black Hat World

BlackHatWorld is the home of internet marketing. However, there is one caveat. Different methods of promotion are discussed here, including black SEO methods where Google can seriously lower the SERP or get you banned. In general, the name of the forum was not chosen by chance.

In addition to discussions on marketing, they offer different services such as a typical marketplace. There is a blog with tips, an analysis of the use of useful tools, life hacks for promotion in various social networks, and much more.

Although BlackHatWorld looks like a darknet for webmasters, you shouldn’t ignore it. It describes effective white promotion techniques. You can choose whether to go to the dark side of SEO or not. In any case, each topic on the forum is fully disclosed.

8. Ozzu


Ozzu is a fairly large internet marketing community with nearly 50,000 registered members. Here you can find themes that professional webmasters, designers, developers, and other professionals can use in their daily activities. The forum is conveniently divided into categories and subcategories. Marketers will find it useful to look at the corresponding subsection of the Webmaster Forum.


9. eWeb Discussion

eWeb Discussion

This is a professional forum for webmasters. SEO gurus, developers, web designers, and IT professionals can share their knowledge and opinion on any topic. Beginners can ask for help from more advanced masters. However, before registering and creating a topic, carefully read the FAQ section. All messages are carefully moderated to keep forum members from spam.

Over 37.5 thousand users are registered here, and there are almost 39 thousand threads.

10. Reddit – SEO


The SEO expert forum on Reddit has over 144,000 users. They tell the latest news, share life hacks, study different cases. This site does not have such well-thought-out sections and subsections as other specialized forums, but you can always enter your search into the search bar.

Additionally, no one bothers you to register and ask questions to experts. It’s pretty quick and easy to do this on Reddit.

11. Reddit – Big SEO


Unlike the previous Reddit subsection, this subreddit covers a wider range of topics. They talk about marketing in principle. The sidebar has easy-to-navigate filters and a list of rules to read before registering.

There are fewer users on this site, only 65.1 thousand. This does not make it less expert.

12. Webmaster Serve Forums

Web Master Serve

This friendly site covers quite a few topics for SEO specialists, SEM experts, programmers, graphic designers, and marketing geniuses. The intuitive design makes it easy to find the thread you want. The community is quite small with more than 35 thousand users, but it is still very active. It’s worth stopping by sometimes.

13. The MOZ Q&A Forum


This is a specialized forum for authorized Moz Pro users. Here they can ask questions, discuss hot topics, and use a comprehensive set of SEO tools. The topics are divided into categories but you can use the search. Bonuses for helpful answers are also awarded here.

14. Webicy


This is an active forum for webmasters covering topics related to internet marketing, SEO, link building, PPC, affiliate marketing, business promotion, and web development. The community is located in India, but the topics are universal. In addition to discussions, the site has a tab with useful articles, expert blogs, and a marketplace.

15. Support Plugin Yoast SEO


This is a highly specialized SEO forum dedicated to Yoast. It is not surprising that it is on this list. After all, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and for SEO on this engine, the Yoast plugin is usually used. If all of a sudden there are any questions about setting it up or if problems arise during use, then you need to look for solutions on the Support Forum. You can also learn more about the plugin in our articles Yoast vs All in One SEO Pack and Setting Up SEO Plugins: Yoast SEO vs. All In One.

Where Else to Find Up-to-Date Information About SEO

In addition to specialized SEO forums, the webmaster community actively communicates on Facebook, Slack, and other sites. We’ve rounded up the sites to keep an eye on if you want to keep up with the latest news.

1. SEMrush


This Facebook group is a source of useful information for you on all matters related to SEO and digital marketing. Various expert articles, research, news, cases, life hacks, and tool reviews are regularly published here. It includes everything an advanced webmaster needs to know to get your site to the top.

2. Google Webmasters on Youtube


On the official YouTube for Google Webmasters channel, you can find information and tools to help you rank your site in search results. A modest description of the site is indicated on the About tab. In fact, the channel is an invaluable source of information. It publishes videos, answers to questions, training lectures, thematic conferences, news, manuals for beginners, and other unique contents. For convenience, all videos are divided into categories and have a detailed description. We highly recommend visiting the Google SEO forums and the search engine’s Youtube channel.

3. BigSeo


This is a dedicated Slack community that SEOs should look out for. It arose due to the subreddit of the same name, which we described above. There are many different channels here such as #general, #localseo, # technical-seo, #business, #sitereview. It is also possible to find a performer for SEO work or read useful materials for promotion.

The size of the community has exceeded 2.3 thousand people and continues to grow rapidly. It’s completely free to join.

4. Backlinks Slack


This is another pretty popular Slack community dedicated to dealing with issues such as effective content creation and external optimization. One of the important channels here is called #guestposts. In the pinned posts, there is a link to a Google spreadsheet, where all interested users can register to participate in a guest posting.

The community has around 1.5 thousand people. These are mainly SEO experts, marketers, content makers, and business owners.

Benefits of Visiting Marketing Forums

We have listed 20 sites where marketing and SEO topics are covered above. You don’t need to search for forums using Google. We have made a list of the best. If you suddenly have doubts about whether you need to visit these sites, we will quickly dispel them.

Bonuses received by members of the marketing community:

1. Ready solutions

Do you have a question? There is most likely already an answer to it. There are also several different options. If you cannot choose which one will be effective in your situation, just ask in the appropriate thread on the forum, and they will prompt you there.

2. Promotion of your brand

There are opinion leaders in the SEO community. You can become one of them, which will make your brand more popular and authoritative. Active participation in the life of the community gives a huge profit in terms of reputation.

3. Expanding connections

In almost all SEO discussion forums, you can find marketing experts, business owners, and experienced professionals. Here you can find contractors, customers, and partners.

4. Free access to valuable information

Forums are an invaluable source of useful knowledge. No marketing course will be able to convey as much information as posted even on a small site. Experienced craftsmen share their cases and life hacks on almost every topic. All of this is almost always free.

5. Possibility to ask for advice

This is probably one of the most important forum bonuses. On some of them, you can even post a link to your site and get feedback from specialists. It is like being given analytics. Not bad, huh? How many problems can be solved simply by creating a new topic? You should not neglect the opportunity to become part of the international marketing community.

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