Best Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content

Best Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content

How do you promote a brand or yourself in the modern world? What promotion strategies and mechanics should you use? How do you create content for users to distribute? We share the secrets and the list of TOP-20 content sharing sites to increase business awareness.

Content Sharing: Why Do People Share Posts?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is King.” Distributing content across multiple platforms is an important part of digital marketing.

Why do people share content? Why are storytelling and long reading so popular on the web? Users love to feel emotionally connected with brands. By choosing the right words and needs, you attract users and build an emotional connection with them. The New York Times research team found that people share content for the following reasons:

  1. Desire to share something valuable and interesting
  2. Demonstration of the true personality and their beliefs
  3. To maintain relationships with friends and acquaintances
  4. To feel involved in society

How do companies use content marketing? The Content Marketing Institute cited the following data on the popularity of CM in the Western B2C segment:

  1. 90% of companies use a content strategy to communicate with their audience.
  2. 34% of them note the benefits and the arrival of leads, stimulated by quality content.
  3. More than 79% of companies use content marketing to build brand awareness, 71% to engage consumers, and 65% to increase brand loyalty and engagement.

Benefits of Posting Articles on Platforms

Content marketing is the future. Large-scale Google campaigns to cleanse search results from over-spammed content and new search engine algorithms leave little chance for business. Read more about them in the article Google Algorithms That Affect SEO. It belongs to master content marketing or go to the bottom. Social media marketing, contextual, outdoor, and banner advertising are good methods for promoting a company. However, if the business does not have branded content, these methods bring little benefit.

Content sharing provides the following:

  • Loyal customers.
  • Brand recognition.
  • The attraction of new clients.
  • Increased involvement in the brand and in what it lives on.
  • High-quality communication with the consumer.
  • Increased sales.

Content is the magic wand for a wide variety of needs. A showman brand is capable of reaching as many users as possible with a story and its presentation. It could be an assistant that sets your company apart from competitors by answering the consumer’s question: “Why us?” Finally, content is the personification of a favorite brand that you want to follow because it evokes emotion. The bottom line is that satisfied customers and business profitability.

So how do you create content you want to share and where to post articles? Read about the main features further in the article.

Checklist: Sharing Content Rules

It is important to adhere to certain rules to effectively publish content to platforms. It’s not enough to just publish one article a month hoping that it will keep your blog or social media active.

Step 1: explore the specifics of publishing content across platforms.

For example:

  • Twitter is about short excerpts from interesting articles, sarcastic jokes, and memes on relevant topics. The platform is most suitable for publishing news or opinions. For more information, see How to Use Twitter for Business.
  • Facebook – the use of emotional headlines to hook the reader at the very first lines.
  • LinkedIn provides useful content from a variety of industries. Post topics on your profile that you understand to demonstrate your expert level.
  • Instagram is a powerful visual component.
  • Pinterest is a mix of Instagram and LinkedIn. In addition to applying visual effects, focus on how-tos for peers in your field, etc. Related article – Pinterest SEO in 2020.

Step 2: stick to your publishing plan.

Make a content plan for maximum impact. It may differ for various platforms or be duplicated. However, it is important to maintain the regularity of publications.

Step 3: optimize your content.

Use the guidelines above depending on your platform. Identify good times to post as well as the frequency of new content.

Step 4: automate posting.

Programs and special services will automate the publication of content without your intervention. Such a post scheduling tool is available on Facebook, SocialOomph, or Hootsuite. Twitterfeed publishes content across multiple platforms.

Try to track which days of the week your audience is most active.

Step 5: use UTM parameters and set up analytics.

This will help you track the effectiveness of your posts.

Step 6: Share the same content multiple times.

Articles or visual content can become sensational for your new subscribers. Also, even an older audience forgets or loses early posts. Therefore, remind her of the interesting content that you posted earlier. 

20 Content Sharing Platforms

Get started with free content promotion methods on these 20 platforms. You can publish links to websites, blogs, branded text, and visual content. For convenience, the platforms are divided into several categories. Choose your category through experimentation and analytics.

Social Networks


Facebook remains the most popular social network in the world. The audience of the platform has more than 1.5 billion users, so maintaining business pages on this network is a good way to spread information about the company’s activities. You can publish links to articles, share useful information, and tell people about new products. The platform allows you to create a public company page in the community format and even a closed group for a certain circle of people. Please note that the text in a Facebook post must not exceed 2500 words.


Among the features of Twitter, the ease of communication with influencers and representatives of large companies is distinguished. Hot topics here range from sports to ecology. Be active on expert pages, and promote your own to get traffic to your site. When posting content, keep headlines in mind. On Twitter, there is a character limit. 50 characters is the best option.


LinkedIn today is a must-have for professionals in various fields. Here you can both create posts directly in your profile, and share links in a company group. A big plus of publishing content on this platform is that your materials can be seen by professionals from various industries. It is also the #1 platform for personal brand promotion.


Links posted in amazon captions are not able to be clicked on. To share a blog or an individual article, place a link to it in your bio at the top of your profile. You can also post links to stories if the audience of subscribers reaches 10,000 or more.


It is a visual social system where it is important to implement SEO methods and follow trends. Here you can publish links to materials. This is an effective method of driving traffic to the site. Use the Tailwind tool to promote your account. Users come to this social network primarily for inspiration. Popular Topics on Pinterest are anything that inspires you, reloads, or motivates you that can still be used as a reference.


The video platform serves as a kind of search network. This is where SEO methods are important. Find out more in the article – 20+ Tactics for SEO Promotion on YouTube. The channel can be monetized by including video ads and YouTube can be used as a social platform for vlogs and live content. There are several options for promoting your blog on YouTube. One of them is to publish a link to the site in the channel description. The second is to add a link in the video description.


TikTok is the new Instagram. The application received the status of the most downloaded on iOS during the period from January 2018 to March 2019. According to Sensor Tower, this specific social media has a high engagement rate. Users spend about 52 minutes daily on the app.

Whats New in Publishing

Thanks to TikTok, you can keep abreast of the top music innovations, which is facilitated by the integration of Apple Music. You can also earn and spend virtual currency, sending tips to content authors.

We recommend taking a closer look at this platform for those whose audience is predominantly Generation Z. This is a new language of the younger generation and opens up new opportunities for promotion for the spheres of music, gastronomy, fashion, and beyond. Large companies like Pepsi, McDonald’s, Calvin Klein, and Red Bull are already active on this platform.


Q&A Sites


One of the best ways to share relevant and up-to-date business news is to post a link to it as an answer to a question. This method generates targeted clicks and opinions about you as an industry expert. The more accurate the answer on the platform, the more votes it will receive. Accordingly, it will be displayed as the best answer. Therefore, it is a quality traffic source.



Reddit is a Q&A platform and the world’s largest online community. It does not spam with links to your site, but provide value to other users. Choose highly specialized subcategories where you can establish yourself and get additional traffic at the same time. Read more in the Reddit for Business article.


Email Subscription Base

An email subscription base is a valuable asset for your blog. According to Constant Contact, 72% of consumers prefer to receive news and updates by mail and use it as a source of business communication.

Email subscribers are the first to read everything you write about on the site. If they continue to subscribe to the newsletter, they are definitely interested in the product or content that you create.



Flipboard is a site for posting articles in magazine format. The principles of content sharing here are reminiscent of retweeting on Twitter or repins on Pinterest.

This site contains articles on marketing and related topics. The Chrome extension will provide a stream of quality content in a few clicks. You can also submit your articles to Making articles in accordance with the rules and policies of the resource’s content will help the content be seen by thousands of users.


Medium allows you to publish blogs, links to third-party resources, infographics, funny gifs, and even long videos. You can also import previously published articles from other platforms here. Design is important on the platform. You can use “serious” images from stocks or supplement fragments of text with funny gifs on the topic of the article.



Multi-format and content experimentation is an available trump card. Create personalized pieces that will strengthen your brand and its online visibility. One way to get a good return on your content is to present interesting ideas in a SlideShare presentation format.

Growth Hackers

The online community with user-generated content contains information on a variety of topics. Use this platform to grow your readership, customer base, and reach your company’s leads. The Growth Hackers articles will be useful for people from a variety of niches and industries. Make the voice of your company and experts heard on this platform.


Scoop is a popular platform among marketers. Here, you can find expert articles on trends, new promotion algorithms, or social media marketing. You can also publish your content by driving traffic to a website of your personal brand or your company.


As a leader in sharing content on business topics, Business2Community is a community of opinion leaders, marketers, journalists, and representatives of other professions. This is a platform where you can declare yourself as a professional, as well as practice creating quality content “from an expert to an expert”. People come here for an authoritative opinion on business matters and you can provide it by inviting them to your site.

Infographic Submission Sites

Infographics are one of the most popular content formats that users repost. Use graphic tools like Venngage, Canva, and Piktochart to create such content. They are available online and free of charge. Submit your infographics to,, and the Infographics Archive catalogs to build brand awareness.

Google My Business Posts

If you have a Google My Business account, you can promote your latest post through this platform. Log in to your GMB account, go to Messages > Add Update, and create a post. Include an image and link to fresh content. Users who search for your business on Google will be able to see your business information and the latest postings.


Sign up for an account on this platform to convert articles on your company website or blog to podcasts. To do this, use free apps like Anchor (compatible with iOS, Android, and PC). It lets you record, host, and distribute episodes on major audio playback platforms (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and so on). It is also completely free!

Invite experts from a variety of industries to enroll on the hottest issues of climate change, marketing trends, or your business.


Branded Material VS. Content Sharing: What to Look For

Let’s say you have defined goals and become familiar with CM tools. What methods of creating branded materials do we recommend using:

Analysis of competitors. In the age of content marketing, freedom of action is especially appealing. You can do almost anything with content. For a more effective CM, analyze the activities of competitors in order to later adapt their ideas to your business model. For more information on this topic, see our SEO Competitive Analysis article.

Keywords. Tedious texts that are oversaturated with keywords or phrases are a thing of the past and no longer work. Keywords are only beneficial if used in moderation. Write texts for people, not search engines. Read the related article – How to Do Keyword Research.

The face of the brand. The image of a company is created not only by products but also by service. In turn, the service is formed by the employees. Use real faces in the visual content of brand channels, ideally real employees. This will bring the brand closer to people and increase their trust and loyalty.

Sincerity and honesty. Tell users how the processes are organized in the company. Broadcast what materials you use in the production or where you train employees before offering a best-of-breed product or service.

Multi-format. Submit your idea from multiple angles and mix content formats. While completing the case, tell users about the experience gained in the course of work. Create an infographic about a project topic, record a video with a story, or post testimonials from your clients. Try making a presentation at the conference by sharing the success of the case.

The art of headlines. Create interest from users already from the title of the article or post. Think of it as a starting point for your audience. For more information, see the article – heading

Newsjacking. Content marketing today requires every blog to have a mini version of Forbes. Become a trend-hunting media resource. Fill it with news and relevant messages. Good newsjacking is a great way to connect a company’s resources with what’s happening in the world at the moment. This can further increase the value of a product or service.

Multichannel. The success of content marketing also determines the use of various communication channels. SEO, contextual advertising, SMM, and email marketing are some options. The more promotion channels and content sharing you use, the better for your business. It is important to adapt each piece of content to the advertising channel.

Ingenuity and experimentation. It’s important not to let your readers get bored, so experiment with content and format to serve up content that goes viral.

How to Encourage People to Share Your Content

There are a lot of materials on the Internet on how to encourage people to support your publications with reposts. However, not everyone uses these simple recommendations.

For example, set up Click to Tweet. The ability to share interesting quotes from articles on your blog. Encourage people to distribute the publication by offering something useful in return. This can be checklists for subscribing to a blog, useful tips in the mail for reposting your new article, and other goodies for the user.

The plugin “J Query Pin it” is available on Pinterest. By hovering over the profile picture, the user can share the content on their Pinterest account.

Popular Content: Simple Tips to Get Users’ Attention

A sharing strategy starts with understanding consumer behavior. You need to speak with the audience in a language they understand and keep track of what content engages the most.

One example of popular content on the Web is UGC or User Generated Content. That is anything that reflects the experience of interacting with your brand. For more information on custom content, see the Contests and Giveaways : How to Use to Get User-Generated Content article.

The following content formats are popular:

  • Tests
  • Texts
  • How-to posts
  • Video
  • Quizzes and polls
  • Infographics


Articles that start with question words: how, what, which, why are also included. Their success is determined by the title, which immediately makes sense of the content. For even more virality, add a number to the title of the article. “Find out which of these 10 promotion methods are right for your business” is a catchy title. List articles that include 10 items and receive the most shares. This is according to BuzzSumo researchers. One such publication brings the author about 10.621 shares, which is about 4 times more than the second most popular number: 23. The third and fourth places are taken by the numbers 16 and 24.


According to the BuzzSumo company, already in 2014, the Internet and social media users were more interested in posts that contain at least one image. Such content received more shares.


Users are willing to share content that they trust. BuzzSumo compared the average number of social media shares for two types of content:

  1. No signature or biography is attached to the content
  2. Articles contain the signature or biography of the author


The results of the study showed the importance of signatures as a measure of trust on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

If you look at online business globally, content marketing is almost the main competitive advantage. Companies use content in different ways, but there is no one left in the market that does not use content marketing in its various formats.

The success of CM is determined by the human factor. Think of this as part of your marketing strategy as your brand language. Introduce yourself to a client, grab their attention, tell stories, and don’t leave without advice. Build trust and credibility so you can get down to business later by your selling proposition.

Content marketing is not in-store consultants pushing you to buy a product. This is a deliberate, pre-built communication between longtime acquaintances. This will end in a successful deal.

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