10 of the Best SEO Podcasts in 2020 According to Experts

10 of the Best SEO Podcasts in 2020 According to Experts

Do Podcasts Help SEO?

Until last year, podcasts were not associated with SEO. In mid-2019, Google announced that it would index and rank podcasts. At the same time, Google began to transcribe and crawl audio files for relevance.

Podcasts are similar to blogs, only in an audio format.

You can use podcasts as additional promotion for your blog, or focus on promoting the podcast exclusively. They are gaining popularity and are one of the cheapest marketing methods. With such a growth rate, podcasts will have a significant impact on SEO in the coming decade.

Some methods can help in the SEO promotion of podcasts. Optimization will increase the number of listeners and will attract a larger audience to the site, which will increase brand awareness and your ranking in search engines. Placing podcasts on your site increases the time users spend on the page and Google considers this to be a testament to the usefulness of the information you share.

According to Edison research, podcasts are growing in popularity every year.

The numbers for 2019 show that the podcast audience has grown by 7% when compared to 2018.

According to the study, podcasts were listened to: 

  • At least once – by 51% of Americans.
  • Last month – by 32%.
  • Last week – by 22%.

In the growth of podcasting, streaming services play a significant role, Spotify leads with 43% of monthly listeners and Pandora with 35% of the audience.

54% of Americans are more likely to pay attention to the brands they hear about in podcast ads.

How Do I Optimize a Podcast for Google Searches?

Find keywords

To promote a podcast, like any blog, you need to know what your target audience wants. Research keywords and conduct a competitor analysis.

Use keywords in headings and tags but do not overdo it – you are not a spam bot.

Ask questions

Come up with headings in the form of a question because most of the time people Google questions.


Yes, we know that Google can do this. But is it as good as you want it? If you’re serious about growing your audience, help Google. Transcribing will make life easier not only for Google but also for your listeners. Make the podcast affordable and convenient. Create a table of contents that speeds up the search for information on time frames.


Encourage listeners to share your audio broadcasts on social networks and repost them yourself. Use content marketing as a way to increase your podcast’s brand awareness and ranking. Show Google that your content is successful.

Google Podcasts

The easiest way to improve your podcast results is to add it to Google’s collection. Since 2019, the search engine has become more serious than ever about podcast ranking. Do not miss the opportunity to showcase yourself on its platform.

The main thing:

Podcasts are created for listeners, not for search engine optimization. If the content is not qualitative, nobody will listen to it. Even if you ardently try to promote it.

The golden rule: quality first, then SEO.

What Is an SEO Podcast?

The world is developing rapidly, and SEO algorithms don’t get left behind. Those who seek to keep themselves on the front burner, subscribe to the blogs of reputable authors and regularly read SEO news. This is great, but besides blogs, podcasts will also help you get new SEO knowledge.

An SEO podcast is a great way, to learn more in audio or video format about:

  • Search engine optimization.
  • Digital marketing.
  • PPC.
  • Other related topics.

SEO podcasts are an alternative for those who are looking for the latest trends in marketing and search engine optimization. When there is no time to read, listen.

What Is the Benefit of Podcasts?

You can study without breaking away from the routine activities of driving a car, commuting on the subway, or having dinner. All that remains is to choose the most interesting podcasts and download them to your smartphone. We’ve done some work for you here.

8 Podcasts that Will Make You a Better SEO Specialist

We’ve put together the best SEO podcasts to help you keep up with 2020 SEO trends. Try it and perhaps podcasts will become your favorite way to learn.


Hosts: Jim Hedger, Dave Davies

iTunes Rating: 4.2/5

Webcology is a show about SEO with humor and tricks. The podcast comes out as a series of weekly live feeds. Each issue explores the challenges of web marketing, PPC, social networking, and work ethic.

How it helps: The podcast discusses how artificial intelligence, changing Google algorithms, and privacy affects search marketing.

Where to start: Say Goodbye To Average Position In Google Ads And The Track for Content Creators

Experienced guests are often invited to the show and they examine how web marketing segments work. The Webcology podcast focuses on tracking constant changes in the world of marketing and SEO.

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Stitcher

From the audience:

Listener for many years

Great podcast! I’ve been a webmaster for many years and always appreciate the quality of content spun every month by Jim and Dave. They don’t know it, but they are part of our SEO team in Wisconsin!

Joe Mogensen

Podcasts Apple

Authority Hacker podcast

Hosts: Gael Breton, Mark Webster

iTunes Rating: 4.9/5

Gael Breton and Mark Webster, co-founders of the Authority Hacker marketing blog, created a podcast to discuss topics that do not fit into the blog format. The experts wanted to create an easy and laid-back podcast about serious SEO. Judging by its rating on Apple Podcasts, they achieved this goal.

Throughout the show, they raise topics that the audience is interested in the most. Experts collect the most popular questions from listeners and cover them in a podcast.

Listening to Breton and Webster’s discussions is interesting even if they do not have guests. Why? – They do not always agree with each other. Also, Gael and Mark have personal experience promoting websites and blogs. They have also achieved multimillion-dollar profits within their business.

Here you will not listen to someone selling their services. Authority Hacker is such a self-sufficient podcast that it does not need a promotional interview, and can focus on useful information.

How it helps: The Authority Hacker podcast teaches how to use online marketing to develop websites and blogs so that they make a profit.

The Authority Hacker podcast has over 200 episodes. Here is one of the most popular releases on Soundcloud:

Where to start: How You Can Boost Your Website’s Value In 2020.

Authority Hacker is the perfect SEO podcast for those who love discussions, famous guests, and a natural conversational format.

Where to listen Apple Podcasts / Soundcloud / Stitcher

From the audience:

The Reason I Got Back Into Affiliate Marketing

I searched high and low for someone or something to help me in affiliate marketing.

I’ve made 10k + with affiliate marketing but I wanted to start building authority sites and had no idea where to start.

There is no place on the Internet that is as thorough and has such actionable information on affiliate marketing as authority hacker.

They show you what to do and HOW to do it, unlike anywhere else. I love Authority Hacker!!!!

Lashay Lewis

My Favorite Online Marketing Podcast in 2016

I started listening to this podcast earlier in 2016. Gael and Mark are real online marketers in the trenches that really know their stuff. They cover topics in this podcast about what is working for them, and how to avoid mistakes in the past.

I’m finding their podcast and website as invaluable resources for pushing my business forward this year. If you haven’t tried listening to this podcast then you should. Go all of the way back to episode #1 where they cover their goals for the podcast and move forward from there,

Thanks for all of the hard work Gael and Mark!

Bob Hennessey

Podcasts Apple

 Search Engine Nerds

Hosts: Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker.

iTunes Rating: 4.4/5

At some point, experts from the Search Engine Journal realized that they lacked a platform to attract SEO professionals and focus solely on SEO topics. So, they came up with an idea to create Search Engine Nerds, a podcast where the best professionals in the SEO world bring high-quality ideas.

Every two weeks, podcast hosts invite opinion leaders who are willing to share their experience and knowledge about everyday SEO issues. The podcast issues cover one topic at a time using the journalistic interview format.

How it helps: Podcast authors delve into the issues of PPC, international and local search, mobile, and voice search. They also share the best search tools and analytics.

Search Engine Nerds has more than 200 issues of useful information about SEO and its current changes. We suggest starting with the interview starring Mark Traphagen, an expert in marketing.

Where to start: How SEOs Need to Be Thinking Differently About Ranking

Where to listen Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Stitcher

From the audience:

SEO Made Simple

Brent and his incredibly knowledgeable guests are making SEO simple and accessible to everyone! If you manage a website of any kind this is a must-listen. You’ll find heaps and heaps of high-quality education accompanied by actionable tips that you can start putting to use TODAY. Thanks for putting out such a great show Brent – keep up the great work!

Katie Joy B.

A-list guests, thoughtful interviews

Lots of advance work goes into these episodes, and it shows. Guests are not allowed to get away with a 20 minute commercial of their latest book or product. They’re asked insightful, cognizant questions about themselves and the industry. If you want to learn how the most successful people in marketing are doing it, listen up.

Kevin Kings

Podcasts Apple

Marketing Speak

Host: Stephan Spencer.

iTunes Rating: 4.9/5

SEO expert Stephan Spencer launched a podcast to share SEO tips and tricks in a convenient audio format. He invites opinion leaders in the field of digital marketing to interview sessions, where he inquires in detail about current trends in SEO and marketing.

On his website, Spencer created a voicemail for a podcast where subscribers can ask for help resolving issues and difficulties that they encounter when optimizing their site.

This podcaster approached the creation of his audio show seriously. Each episode is loaded with a full transcription and the timestamps of the most interesting and significant places in the recording.

The show guests often offer gifts and discounts on their services to Marketing Speak listeners.

How it helps: Marketing Speak takes topics that are related to SEO, marketing, blogs, paid search, conversion optimization, and sales.

Listen to one of the selected episodes of the podcast where Stephan Spencer is a guest on his own show.

Where to start: Using SEO to Its Full Potential with Jay Abraham Interviews Stephan Spencer

The show is perfect for those who do not want to miss important news in the SEO industry, strive to be in the trend, and constantly improve their knowledge.

Where to listen Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Stitcher

From the audience:

Excellent Podcast! – My #1 Choice

Stephan’s success in SEO, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Development provides a unique perspective to his listeners that takes his podcast to a much higher level! What I enjoy most is that Stephan not only hosts interesting industry experts, he knows how to conduct a valuable interview … he actually listens! He does an excellent job listening and asking great questions based on his guest’s responses. This provides deeper clarity of the content for his listeners, and he elicits much more valuable knowledge from his guests! Highly Valuable Content and Highly Recommended – Thanks, Stephan!

Robert Avila

These podcasts include experts at the top of their field, providing invaluable advice for marketers and agencies of all sizes. I pass on much of the information I glean from them on to my staff, so we can implement many of the ideas, tips, and tricks of the trade. With a small agency and staff who is always busy, listening to amazing podcasts like this is an easy way to squeeze in a lot of great digital marketing info and education into small amounts of time. I couldn’t ask for a better resource. Thank you, Stephan!

Liza Viana

I’ve been a marketing professional in the US and internationally for over a decade and I still learn so much each time I listen to Stephan’s Marketing Speak podcast. There is no detail too small when it comes to discovering the latest effective marketing tactic – this podcast delivers every episode!


Podcasts Aapple

Experts On The Wire

Host: Dan Shure

iTunes Rating: 4.9/5

Dan Shure, the owner of Evolving SEO, has been working with the topic of search engine optimization for over 10 years. Before he took the expert’s seat in the SEO podcast, he produced television broadcasts, so he has direct experience in creating high-quality shows.

The Experts On The Wire podcast is almost a family business. Dan personally controls all stages of the creation of the episodes, and his wife creates timestamps for the convenience of the audience.

Shure appreciates his audience and seeks to talk specifically about what his listeners are interested in and to do so Shure finds discussion topics on Twitter.

How it will help: In the podcast, they raise the topics of SEO-strategies, marketing, keyword research, discuss the architecture and design of the site, and talk about technical SEO.

Not sure where to start? Choose a popular topic and listen about how to create truly working content for a boring business.

Where to start: 300+ Links From One Piece Of Content In A “Boring”

Experts On The Wire is a great show for those who want to get good advice from marketers and SEO experts who have been considered industry leaders for years.

Where to listen Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Stitcher

From the audience:

Finally, a great SEO & marketing podcast

If you’re looking for great tactical and helpful strategies to use right away, Dan has already booked some great guests from the start.

This is the podcast we’ve been missing in this industry. Covers topics for both beginners and advanced marketers!

Joe Robber

One of the best digital marketing podcasts

Been listening to Dan for a little over two months and each episode gets better and better. I highly recommend ep 028 on how Drift grew their blog traffic. It sounds like a case study they would teach in business school for growing website traffic.

Martine Groulx

Awesome show, highly recommended!

Dan and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting the coming SEO trends and absolute best tactics to help you effectively grow your business without breaking the bank.

Highly recommend listening and subscribing to the Experts on the Wire if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to get ahead of the curve (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!

J. Barshop

Podcasts Apple

Search Talk Live Search Engine Marketing & SEO Podcast

Host: Robert O’Haver

iTunes Rating: 4.8/5

Digital marketing expert Matt Weber shares his experience and the experiences of his colleagues in marketing and SEO. The hosts discuss what can be useful for a business and how to run marketing companies.

The host talks with SEO experts who give tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of the SEO industry and use only the best methods of promotion.

How it helps: The creator of the show talks about bad SEO and how not to fall victim to its traps.

To explore the podcast, we recommend live streaming with Neil Patel, one of the world’s leading online marketers.

Where to start: Interview with Top Digital Marketing Expert Neil Patel

If you are interested in listening to what influential people say about digital marketing, paid advertising, SEO, and social media marketing, then search Talk Live is the podcast for you.

This podcast is so good that even if you only have time for one episode, this will be enough to delve into the basics of digital marketing.

Where to listen Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Stitcher

From the audience:

The best podcast on Search and SEO, period!

Caleb and Robert have interviewed some of the biggest names in the internet marketing world, like Garry Illyes, Bruce Clay, etc. All the interviews are incredibly insightful. I love all the how-to episodes where guests share real actionable strategies that you can use right away. Loved the interview episodes with Sujan Patel and Pete Myers.

Adithya Murali

Super informative and entertaining!

I’m launching my website soon and I seriously needed to up my SEO knowledge and skills. Search Talk Live has been a lifesaver! I feel like I’m so ready to crush my goals when it comes to my website and blog. The show is so entertaining and I feel myself totally zoning in! I really love how I walk away with great pieces of advice and actionable tasks to improve my website’s SEO and content. Highly recommend!


Podcasts Aapple

The Recipe for SEO Success

Host: Kate Toon

iTunes Rating: 4.9/5

The Recipe for SEO Success is a great podcast for those who are just starting in SEO. The episodes are 10-30 minutes, which makes them easy to understand and convenient to listen to.

The main audience for the podcast is bloggers, small businesses, freelancers, and marketing managers. Kate did not aim to focus on SEO experts. She sought to create a podcast that will show that you don’t have to slay a dragon to understand SEO.

The information is accessible and understandable on The Recipe for SEO Success even for the most inexperienced listeners.

How it will help: If you are new to the SEO world, Kate will guide you from the basics to understanding the serious and important functions of search engine optimization.

To get started, listen to her broadcast with marketing predictions for 2020.

Where to start: Digital Marketing Predictions for 2020

All episodes of a podcast are labeled by category “newbie” and “reality”. You will know what you are subscribing to when choosing the next issue of the show.

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Stitcher

From the audience:

SEO Story with a lot of Teaching thrown in!

Kate is so self-assured and straight forward, you feel straight away that she is a no-nonsense type of person and trustworthy too. She always packs in so much info, even when she’s telling her own story she still manages to teach as she goes along! I love the part about knowing your customers’ Beliefs, Desires, and Fears – so valuable to be able to quell any doubts they might have even before they ask. And great practical advice to have your website clean and light and working well before you even begin to think about SEO. Great podcast, thank you, will be back for more.

Tracy Sydney

SEO for anyone

This is hands down one of the most educational shows I have listened to, whilst getting my head around all things SEO. Kate has a great understanding of her audience and delivers the show with some great guests and relevant subjects. She also supports this show with an amazing FREE Facebook group, which offers further insights into what is going on and things to do to improve. Keep up the great work Kate and look forward to the next show.

Rob Sanders


No-one does no-fuss SEO like Kate!

This is the no-frills, no-BS version of how to do SEO. The recipe for SEO success is the title and the proof is in its pudding. Want to succeed with SEO? Then look no further as Kate can talk you through everything you need to know…no secret ingredients left out, no over-cooking, this recipe will work for you every time!


Podcasts Apple


Host: Brian Childs

MozPod doesn’t have iTunes rating but we are sure that it would be 5/5

This is a hilarious podcast from Moz’s training manager Brian Childs. In MozPod episodes, he asks SEO experts the “stupid questions” that people are usually afraid to ask. Together with opinion leaders, he examines the terminology, usefulness of tools, and other issues that small business owners are interested in.

Live SEO podcasts are no more than half an hour because Brian Childs wanted to create an audio show that would not take too much of the listener’s time. Are you going to work or having lunch? This is long enough to listen to one of the MozPod releases.

How it helps: MozPod is a truly informative SEO podcast for both beginners and those already working in the field. Moz aims to simplify search engine optimization. In the podcast, Brian Childs talks about how to do this through their software.

Start with the interview with Kevin Indig, a Silicon Valley SEO specialist. Kevin talks about how startups can use SEO for their business, what is worth doing, and what is best avoided in SEO practices.

Where to start: SEO for Startups

Where to listen MozPod / Google Podcasts / Stitcher

From the audience:

What great content!! Actionable strategies

MozPod provides you with actionable skills that you can use in your business! If you care about marketing your business with digital marketing strategies, I highly recommend adding MozPod to your must-listen-to podcast list.


Love the content and delivery.

 Even as a beginner it’s easy to grasp and enjoyable to listen to for a high tech topic. Love we have females leading the way!

Jenn Grainger


Bonus: 2 Podcasts that Give Marketing a Different Look

In the form of a small bonus, we have prepared for you a couple of completely different, but equally useful digital marketing podcasts.

Internet Marketing: Insider Tips and Advice for Online Marketing

Host: Andy White

iTunes Rating: 4.6/5

The show is known as the UK’s most popular Internet marketing podcast and more than half a million people listen to it.

How it helps: The podcast discusses Internet marketing strategies and solves the problems of digital and search marketing.

There are already more than 500 episodes and they last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. The recent episodes raise topics that are relevant to recent months.

Where to start: How To Communicate During a Crisis

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts / Google Podcasts / Stitcher

From the audience:

Fabulous resource, great podcast

I’ve only started to follow the podcast in the last few months, but already I’ve found the show and the guys to be an amazing resource! The topics are fresh, the interviews are great (Seth Godin, what a get!) and the conversations clear. Two thumbs up!

B. Reilly

Podcasts Aapple

Two Minute Marketing Podcast

Host: Josh Rimmington

iTunes Rating: 5/5

It is an express podcast for the busiest of listeners. If you don’t have time for half-hour episodes of podcasts, then Two Minute Marketing Podcast will be your lifeline in the sea of marketing information.

How it helps: Fast two-minute issues briefly discusses the most important things in the world of marketing.

There are 21 episodes and even the busiest person could listen to all of them in one day. Start with the first episode of the podcast.

Where to start: #1 – Events

Where to listen: Google Podcasts

From the audience:


I usually miss out on Podcasts on my way to work as it’s only a short drive, but with these 2-minute episodes, I can fit in 3! I like that they are straight to the point and the information is easy to understand. I strongly recommend these podcasts if you’re starting your own business or new to the marketing industry!


Last but not least

When SEO is an important part of your business, you need to be prepared for change and insane dynamics. What worked a month ago might already be irrelevant today. How to keep up with the variability of SEO when you’re just a human? – Study constantly.

Most professionals in any field remain on the front burner of changes in their profession by reading blogs and participating in conferences.

One way to keep up to date on the news in the world of search engine optimization is podcasts. This is a resource that can and should be used regularly. The principles of SEO are constantly changing and there is no limit to the amount of knowledge that you can obtain, especially if you add SEO podcasts to your collection.

Not all of the podcasts in this collection may be for you and you won’t be able to regularly listen to all of the 15 SEO podcasts mentioned. We chose the best of the best and it is up to you to decide which will be most useful. We leave this mission to you.

Are your favorite podcasts on this list? Maybe we missed some podcasts that save your SEO every day? Let us know in the comments.

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Viktoria is a content marketing specialist and a full-time writer for SeoQuake blog.