Thank You Page : Ways To Increase The ROI

Thank You Page : Ways To Increase The ROI

Usually, marketers expect conversions from landing pages. This is the main purpose of landing pages because maximum attention needs to be paid to their creation and content. What happens after the user has made the targeted action? As a rule, it goes to a page where it says thank you for signing up, purchasing, subscribing, or a completed survey. In most cases, this breaks off contact with the person. And only experienced marketers know that the thank you page allows you to convert leads into regular customers and turns strangers into loyal fans with the right design and content.

We are talking about a simple and ingenious business tool that is available on any website and landing page. However, in 99% of cases, it is not used in full force.

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Why you should pay attention to the thank you page

What is a thank you page? This is the page that the user sees immediately after completing the conversion action. Among such actions:

  • Registration on the website
  • Payment for the goods
  • Registration of the application
  • News subscription
  • Order a callback

There are at least three reasons to create a thank you page:

  1. Confirming the action taken
  2. Connecting analytics and mark every conversion there
  3. Arousing a positive emotion in the client from interacting with the website

That is not all. Thank you page has huge potential for promotion. Just imagine if this page gets 100% of interested users. This is your loyal target audience. Letting it go is a big mistake.

Consider the thank you page from the point of view of a user and the owner of the site.

User’s perception

Even the simplest and most primitive thank you page is better than none at all. After completing the targeted action and especially after purchasing the product, the user wants to make sure that everything went well. And it is better to not be a barely noticeable phrase in a small pop-up window. The user may simply not notice it. After they will start looking for the phone numbers of the support service to clarify whether their order was accepted. It is unlikely that this client will return to the site again.

Imagine another option: the user takes a certain action and gets to a full-fledged page, where they are sincerely thanked for their interest in the online platform, describe a further algorithm of actions, or provide additional bonuses. Naturally, such a visitor will become a loyal regular customer. He or she will also leave a good review and invite their friends. So one lead can be turned into a hundred.

Perception by the site owner

From a business standpoint, the thank you page is the perfect place to post other interesting offers for the client. Conversion options may vary:

  • Making an additional purchase
  • Subscription to news or social networks
  • Advantageous offer: bonuses, discounts, and gifts
  • Transition to other pages of the resource that may be of interest to the user
  • Advertising of business partners, etc.

At the same time, you should not strive for momentary profit. The client will not appreciate this persistence. Your job is to make a lucrative offer in the most respectful manner possible.

How a thank you page helps you promote your website

An effective thank you landing page allows an increase in the volume of a loyal target audience. It also collects useful data for a more effective marketing strategy. Let’s look at three of the most common use cases for this page.

1. Analysis of conversions

Each time the thank you page loads, the marketer can get useful information about the conversion. All you need to do is set up the corresponding goal in Google Analytics. There can be several goals. It is even more convenient, as it will allow you to compare the data and understand which advertising campaign is most effective or which product is popular with your visitors. Read the Guide to Google Analytics for up-to-date information on the topic.

2. Increased customer loyalty

As you already understood, on the thank you page, you can leave a call to revisit the site. Don’t limit your imagination. You can post a variety of offers here. The main thing is that they are useful and beneficial to the target audience. You should not offer to buy a washing machine for a person who has just ordered a book. In this case, it is ideal to offer a book club membership or a discount card for a regular customer. Think about what will make your client come back again?

3. Working with reviews

If you are unsure of what might re-engage your target audience on your site, ask a question. On the thank you page, this is more than appropriate. Don’t make the survey big. Still, few users agree to spend a lot of time filling out too voluminous forms. Better to ask a question or two and offer options so that the client can just tick the boxes.

Questions can be as follows:

  • What products are you most interested in on this website?
  • Do you need a video tutorial or webinar about the product you just purchased?
  • Do you want to receive news on similar topics?
  • What kind of content do you want to see on this site?

By collecting answers to these questions, you can build a more effective marketing strategy.

7 brilliant ideas to boost your thank you page ROI

Let’s look at examples of thank you pages from various web resources to see how they increase conversions and income simply with the right design and message.

Case #1: Copyhackers


The copywriting academy knows how to create an effective thank you page. It is necessary to praise the design right away. The page is beautifully designed and there are no unnecessary elements to distract attention. In addition to visual appeal, here you are immediately invited to watch a useful video or go to the sections of tutorials for copywriters of different levels. That is, the attention of a new subscriber is retained due to interesting information.

Case #2: Aweber


Immediately after registration, you will be told what to do to get started. Below on the page is indicated the strong point of the company that they have 24/7 support. And there are all contacts right there. A very simple move that helps to increase customer loyalty. Use a similar thank you page template if you’re working with entrepreneurs who value their time.

Case #3: Hubspot


This thank you page takes an interesting approach. Instead of encouraging the visitor to take the next targeted conversion funnel action, the service invites you to share a helpful marketing course with a friend. Thus, the site is actively increasing its reach.

Pay attention to the appearance of this example. The simplest thank you page designs are often the most effective. It is nothing more than a call to action.

Case #4: Infusionsoft


This thank you page, in addition to informing you that a copy of the requested book has been sent by email, focuses on the company’s main product, business software. Marketers suggest downloading a demo. To persuade you to take advantage of their offer, they use impressive statistics. 125 thousand entrepreneurs cooperate with them. This is probably a really good service.

Case #5: Shopify


This page appeared after registering for the platform development webinar. First, the date, name, and contact person are duplicated here. You could even add the webinar to your Google calendar so you don’t miss it. Secondly, the service offers users to immediately use a free trial version. This way you can learn by doing and not just watch videos. This is the main target action on the site so that you end up using the Shopify platform for your online store. As a bonus, get a free ebook on how to start your successful e-commerce business and be able to join a closed group on Facebook. Here is a helpful article on the Shopify platform – Shopify SEO 2020.

Case: #6: Teachable


Teachable also uses a thank you page to invite subscribers to the upcoming webinar. During the online lesson, you can learn how to use the platform to monetize your knowledge. That is, marketers here use the standard step-by-step promotion along the sales funnel. Initially, the demand for the product is formed so that at the end of the webinar the listener will turn into a loyal customer. Notice how the platform has cleverly placed the names of famous brands to show their high status.

Case #7: Spanishpod101


This site is an example of using the best practice thank you page. The first thing a subscriber sees is that he or she is given a 30% discount on the course. The discount is valid for a certain period of time. A potential client needs to decide quickly whether to take a course or not. This way, they can weigh the pros and cons. The creators of the page placed a handy table, where the potential of each training plan is clearly visible. Brilliant!

Helpful Tips for Creating an Effective Thank You Page

No thank you page generator can provide you with a conversion boost. Each site is individual and the offer should always be relevant for a specific target audience. However, there are several important nuances that should be considered when developing such pages.

What will make a thank you page effective?

  1. Thank the customer sincerely. As strange as it may sound, your thank you message should be as sincere as possible and evoke positive emotions. Use emojis if applicable. Some companies post photos of smiling directors or employees on their thank you pages. It is important for the client to understand that he or she is being thanked.
  2. Describe the next step. Your lead has taken a conversion action. What’s next? Tell them in simple terms what to expect. Did they receive a letter in the mail? Should you call them back? Do not promise what you cannot fulfill. If your operator is not on the phone 24/7, do not say that the customer will be called back within three minutes at any time.
  3. Make a great offer. Only at this stage can you proceed to the offer that will help increase the conversion. Show your customers other products or services while presenting an enticing discount or promotional code for their next purchase. It is better for your proposal to be logically linked to the targeted action you have taken.
  4. Add a Share with Friends button. As you’ve seen in the examples, many marketers use this move. They make a button that allows them to spread brand awareness among the client’s friends. You can also invite the user to leave feedback on social media.
  5. Give the client a gift. Offer is an offer and free gifts are loved by everyone. Let it be something useful such as a video course or a book in electronic format. News of free features immediately goes viral, and it can play into your hands.
  6. Design the thank you page. A thank you page won’t be effective without a quality design. It is necessary to work out both the visual part and the UX component. Any suggestions or links to your social media pages should not go below the first screen. You have approximately three seconds to engage the user. If there are many incomprehensible elements on the page such as long text in small print, additional pop-ups, or other repulsive details, the person will simply click on the exit and you will lose the client.
  7. Test the page. The best thank you pages come from trial and error. Once launched, you need to track the performance of each element. Try to replace the gift or otherwise make a call to action. Experiment until you find the one that works best. In addition, testing will help you understand what your customers really need.

One final tip: Before you make a thank you page, make sure you clearly articulate its purpose and meaning. Only then can you make your call to action as effective as possible.

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