Links Checklist – SEO Audit PDF

Links Checklist – SEO Audit PDF

Backlinks are as relevant in 2020 as they’ve been before. Google uses a clever multi-parameter link analysis algorithm to give the site the ranking it deserves. The total number of referring IP addresses, the total number of backlinks, individual do-follow links, the number of text anchors and anchors with keywords are taken into account.

A link profile is one of the main indicators of a website’s health. It includes all links leading to the resource from other sources, as well as elements of internal linking. To get a positive rating from search engines and take advantage of positions in search results, you need to regularly monitor the change in the link mass. The most convenient way to do this is to conduct a link audit of the site. We have prepared a complete list of link checks on the site for you. A healthy link mass is an important ranking factor for achieving high rankings.

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