Best Tips For The Latest New Pinterest Updates Algorithm 2020

Best Tips For The Latest New Pinterest Updates Algorithm 2020

Pinterest is a social platform for sharing ideas and finding inspiration. More than 300 million users are active monthly in search of content. If you are not already using Pinterest as a traffic platform, it is time to get started. 84% of potential customers use the resource before making a purchase decision. If your business is already featured on Pinterest, you shouldn’t miss platform algorithm updates in order to successfully promote your content. Read how to optimize your content for Pinterest in our article Pinterest SEO in 2020: Research, SEO Tips, and Cases.

Old Model Problem

Traditionally, Pinterest displays the content using the conversion prediction technique. Pins are the priority because the user is likely to click on. Although this model is effective for a resource and engages users as much as possible, they do not get full access to all types of pins. If a person has never clicked on a video, then Pinterest won’t show the video content in the home feed.

The developers at Pinterest saw this as a problem because it limits users to a variety of content. To keep the recommendation up-to-date but increase the number of pin types, Pinterest launched a real-time ranking system called “managed distribution.”

Pinterest 2020 Algorithm Updates: What Has Changed?

Pinterest’s latest algorithm update is expanding varieties and prioritizing new pins. This helps users get more balanced content in their feeds. This algorithm adds all kinds of pins to the user’s feeds. This way, variety is added to the user experience. Pinterest is moving away from a surplus of repins and duplicate content and will no longer give those pins a lot of traffic.

This does not mean that old popular content is no longer relevant or there is no point in sharing viral posts again. Pinterest still values ​​evergreen and seasonal content.

For those who use the platform to promote their business, you might want to rethink the approach to content submission. Algorithm updates can affect whether your content reaches its target audience.

Accounts that frequently post duplicate content will be penalized and even blocked.

To understand when the limit comes where you cannot post duplicate pins, SmartGuide was developed. The extension is available to users of the Tailwind planning tool. SmartGuide will help you optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy, monitor post frequency, and alert you when to slow down.

Tail Wind App

It is advisable not to post more than 50 pins per day. it is better to limit yourself to no more than 20 pins. This is only if you really have content of such quality that is worth sharing 20 times a day.

Use the Tailwind scheduler. With this, you can automate the processes of downloading content. The tool will help you stay active on the platform and save your time.

Tail Wind App

A controlled distribution system is not a complete reprogramming of an algorithm. This system will work after the traditional algorithm. Pinterest will select the most relevant content using a conversion prediction model. He controlled distribution system will connect to diversify the pins in the home feed of site visitors only after the platform learns the user’s preferences.

Pinterest Best Practices for 2020

The platform will not stop at the innovations of 2020 and will pave the way for actively improving. What can you do to keep your account up to date with existing and upcoming changes?

1. More new pins

Previously, the virality of a pin was considered the most important indicator. The more repetitions and repins the content had, the more successful it was. In 2020, the best indicator is fresh pins. It is desirable to upload them regularly to the platform.

What’s a new pin for the platform:

  • A picture that hasn’t been used before
  • New title and description text
  • Adding new colors and graphics

Basically, the new pin is content that was not previously on the platform. You can’t just change the color of the picture, add a logo, or write a new title. Pinterest cannot be fooled. The platform recognizes such content and sees that it has already been downloaded before. Pins like these will not generate significant traffic, and you may lose valuable leads.

Sharing the same content multiple times will require different designs and descriptions. You don’t have to complicate your life by going beyond your creativity with every pin. Create multiple versions of your pin and turn it into consistent content that you will share regularly.

Design and save multiple templates on Canva to standardize processes. You will have templates for different types of content and you don’t have to come up with everything anew every time.

Pinterest’s new algorithms teach you to look at your content from different angles.

2. New design for old posts

Pinterest’s new algorithm doesn’t mean you’ve lost your old content forever. This means it’s time to rethink that idea.

There is no need to invent what to talk about. If it is not your first day on Pinterest, then you already have enough content to revive. Change the design, talk about new details that were not mentioned earlier.

Old popular pins will continue to generate traffic if they are still relevant. Otherwise, you may find that viral pins receive fewer views and shares.

3. Video content

Video is at its peak right now. Such content attracts more audiences and marketers are massively making video content part of their business promotion strategy. Pinterest takes into account the interests of users and tries to promote pins from videos.

If you strive to attract as many users as possible and effectively distribute content, you should not only maintain the regularity of new pins but also think about introducing new types of content like videos.

4. High-quality images

Pinterest is a visual platform and imaging comes to the fore. The most successful strategy here is to take your photos. This way, you will constantly have unique content that you can use to prove your expertise and build user confidence.

It is not always possible to obtain quality photographs taken by a trusted person or yourself. In this situation, you can buy good photos from stock image sites. We do not recommend using free pictures. There is a good chance that these images have been used many times.

5. Keywords

While the visual is at the heart of Pinterest, it’s important to remember that the right keywords will help ensure that your pins are more accessible to your audience.

Users search for content using words, not pictures. Therefore, the pins must remain relevant to the requests of the platform visitors.

Also, when choosing keywords, you need to learn how to adapt to the new Pinterest algorithm. It is desirable to have a unique description for each new pin.

You don’t even need to leave the platform to find the keywords. The best way to find keywords is by using Pinterest itself. All you need to do is search the topic of the pin, and Pinterest will show what other users are looking for. You just have to correctly apply the words found.


6. Hashtags

When hashtags appeared on Pinterest in 2017, users didn’t believe they’d last long. Hashtags on Pinterest have not reached the same level of popularity as hashtags on Instagram. However, they have still taken their place on the platform. Therefore, if you add hashtags to your pins, you have a competitive advantage over those who do not use them. Keep track of the relevance of hashtags.

Hashtags help group content. When a user decides to follow a hashtag, Pinterest will show the feed, not in order from best to worst but in order from new to old. So don’t bother adding hashtags to old pins. Optimize new content.

7. Fewer group boards

Until 2020, group boards were used by platform visitors to reach a wider audience. And it worked.

The original purpose of the group boards was different. They were designed so that people can organize around a specific idea or plan joint activities. In 2020, the time has come to step from this. Group boards will no longer be as effective.

Focus on personal boards

This does not mean that the group boards should be abandoned altogether. Keep uploading content on these boards. It is important to keep track of their relevance. A board with a generic title that fits any content is unlikely to bring the desired result. Look for specialized boards for your content. There may be fewer subscribers but more efficiency.

Given the changes in algorithms, it is not advisable to place the same pin several times on the same board. Ideally, one pin should appear only once on all of your boards. If this is not the intended option, the content needs to be shown on several boards. Keep Pinterest’s spam policy in mind and do not pin your pin to more than 10 boards.

Remember not to re-attach a pin to multiple boards one after the other. If you do this, Pinterest may block your account. Tailwind set the optimal re-attachment time to 2 days.

Pinterest is actively changing and updating its algorithms:

  • In 2017, we received hashtags but lost likes and repin counters.
  • 2018 was marked by a redesign of profiles and contact statistics.
  • 2019 introduced Pinterest Trends, Video Pins, and Group Boards.
  • In 2020, developers have changed the content display algorithms.

Over the past four years, the platform has made significant progress in optimizing user interactions. The platform got smarter, reduced spam, and increases visitor control over pin types. Accounts that send spam now receive penalties in the form of de-indexed pins and profile blocking. Not everyone will be lucky enough to get their account back.

The platform is prioritizing new pins. Users who create such pins will get more traffic.

It is important to follow the innovations and understand which promotion strategies are relevant and which it is time to abandon. With algorithm updates, you will either get more traffic or miss out on ones that already exist. It all depends on whether you prepare your content for the innovations of Pinterest.

The most important advice we can give based on algorithm updates is to new and quality pins on a regular basis. Good content tends to drive traffic. We really benefit from relevance and novelty.

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