New Shopify Google Web Vitals App

New Shopify Google Web Vitals App

Shopify is a platform on which both a professional and a beginner can use to create an online store. You don’t need any programming skills to work with Shopify, so the platform is suitable even for those who are first faced with the need to create an e-commerce website.


Monthly plans range from $29 to $299, depending on what functionality you need to work. All basic functions can be connected to the minimum tariff.

Since 2006, the platform has collected more than 800,000 stores on its base and continues to grow. The simple interface, attractive themes for page design, and low rates have made the service one of the most popular e-commerce sites. Read our article on Shopify SEO 2020.

In order for a site on the Shopify platform to remain popular among users, you need to optimize the resource for the requirements of Core Web Vitals.

What is Core Web Vitals

Web Vitals is an initiative launched by Google. It is needed to collect quality signals that can help users and sites interact conveniently on the Internet. All the information is brought to you in a single guide.

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Core Web Vitals are three factors that Google has identified as the most influencing user experience. These factors apply to all sites. Each of the Core Web Vitals shows a different aspect of visitor contact. All factors are measured, and they show the real experience of user interaction with the pages of the web resource.

Google has been using these and other factors to rank sites for years. However, Web Vitals is the first time a search engine has told you exactly what factors are important in ranking.

Google drew attention to the fact that it can change the attitude towards each of the components of Core Web Vitals at any time and introduce a new factor. If such a situation arises, the search engine will warn users in advance. This way, there is time to prepare site pages. More information on the topic can be found in the Core Web Vitals article.

How Shopify Web Vitals App Works

In the Shopify apps store, developers are constantly adding dozens of new apps. This makes life easier for platform users and makes store promotion much more effective. One such application is Shopify Web Vital.

The Board vitals app will help you evaluate the pages of the sites that are hosted on the platform. You can use it to find out if they meet the Core Web Vitals standards.

The main developer Ilya Grigorik announced the launch of the application in his Twitter account:


The Core Web Vitals Dashboard extension helps you analyze the following.

  • LCP is the time it takes for the main body of the page content and the largest elements to appear. After starting loading, the page has 2.5 seconds for the LCP to trigger.
  • CLS  shows the visual stability of the page layout. CLS should support less than 0.1.
  • FID shows the interactivity of the site. The page response delay in response to the user’s first click should be less than 100 milliseconds.
  • Competitors’ sites in all respects

Site performance affects user experience, and the main enemies of a positive experience are as followed

  1. An infinite number of requests
  2. Overkill with JavaScript
  3. The images are too big

If you fix problems with website optimization, conversions will increase. People love smooth and fast websites. The easier the web resource is to slide under the scroll of the mouse, the less a potential buyer will think about whether to look for a product on another site.

Well-optimized stores get more SEO traffic. When deciding between two sites with similar content, Google will prefer to send the user to the faster site.

Shopify Web Vitals App Benefits

By installing the board vitals app in your Shopify account, you will receive a website report and comparison with competitors’ websites. It’s all on your dashboard. With the application, you don’t have to go to other sites and look for more convenient platforms. You get full analytics on how Google users see store pages and compare your site to competitors on key metrics.

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The application takes data for analytics from Chrome UX Report where anonymous users can share their experience.

Google Web Vitals as a ranking factor

Google has yet to reveal the exact date when Core Web Vitals will officially become a ranking factor. The company promised to warn its users six months before the innovation begins. According to preliminary data, it is worth waiting until 2021. However, you may want to begin preparations already.

Core Web Vitals are already helping sites climb the SERP ladder. However, this is not the only plus for which you need to follow it.

Google’s new ranking factors aren’t just good for SEO. The improvements offered by the search engine will make the resource more convenient and reliable. This way, you can start building a loyal customer base.

From the technical point of view, the implementation of Core Web Vitals are a rather laborious process. You should have time for both the implementation itself and for testing and collecting statistics.

Google recommendations help you not only rank higher in the SERP but also build trusting relationships with users. Fast processing of clicks, stable page layout, and loading without delays. This is what shows potential clients your expertise.

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