How to Make an Amazon Affiliate Website and Get Success: Tips, Cases, and Step by Step Guide

How to Make an Amazon Affiliate Website and Get Success: Tips, Cases, and Step by Step Guide

Many people are looking for an opportunity for additional or main income online. One such option to create an Amazon affiliate website, an affiliate site for the e-commerce giant. Both individuals and various companies or media resources are engaged in the promotion of goods on the website. One of the most famous Amazon affiliate sites is Wirecutter, owned by The New York Times, the largest authoritative publisher.


Another example is the popular site This Is Why I’m Broke, which specializes in the sale of unusual goods, original souvenirs and gifts, gadgets, etc.

This Is Why I’m Broke

The income of this site is about $20 000 per month, which is almost 66% of the total site income from the sale of various goods.

Judging by the success stories of Amazon partner sites that are found on the network, you can go from scratch to a monthly income of $2000-3000 within 1-2 years. There are many more cases when Amazon affiliates did not bring any results, despite the time and effort spent.

Let’s figure out how to build an Amazon affiliate site and get success and how to use SEO methods to promote an affiliate site, since the result of the project will largely depend on this.

What Is the Affiliate Program

Using the Amazon Affiliate program, affiliate site owners can earn money by referring customers to The principle of operation is simple. If a user who came via a link from an affiliate site within 24 hours made a purchase on, the site owner receives a commission as a percentage of the sale.

It is not necessary that they purchased exactly the product to which the link from the partner site led. If the client, having got to from your submission, eventually chooses something else, the commission will be charged. If after visiting your link, several purchases are eventually made, the commission will be charged for all purchased goods. This makes the cooperation scheme with simple, understandable and attractive, which is why the Amazon associates program is the most popular affiliate marketing program in the world.

How to become an amazon affiliate?

Becoming an partner is not difficult. It is important that you have your site that has existed for some time, or created specifically for participation in the Amazon associates program. This could be a blog, an e-commerce site, or something else, depending on the category you plan to work in.

The first step is to register on the Amazon Associates – Amazon’s affiliate marketing program page, for this you need to log into your Amazon account:

Amazon Associates

Following the instructions step by step, you can become a member of the affiliate program:

Amazon Associates

After registration, the new partner receives their unique code (ID), which looks like this: thename-20. With this code and the ?tag, the site owner can post links to products from by adding it to any URL. For example, a link to a product on Amazon:

Link with code:

Sales are tracked and commission is charged with a unique ID.

What is Amazon Affiliate website?

A typical Amazon affiliate website example is the site with different product roundups and reviews. For example, you can see an overview of the best electric toothbrushes on the Wirecutter website.


When you click on the link specified in the article, you immediately go to the page of the site, where this product is sold:


For best dogs food, the top spot on the SERP is the dogs food advisor, which is also an partner:

This site contains reviews of different types of dog food. When you click on the review of one of the types of food, you will be on the Amazon page, where this product can be purchased:


Such sites are useful for potential buyers. Given  the variety of products and brands on the market, it can be difficult for people to navigate and decide what to choose. Best affiliate websites help you choose the best options for products using reviews and ratings.

For an attractive and informative design of affiliate sites, the Amazon Affiliate Program offers a number of its tools that can simplify the process of working with content. With Site Stripe, you can easily add links to products, post to Twitter and Facebook, and view revenue information.

Amazon Associate

Using the Product Links tool, you can create Amazon affiliate links in the form of text links supplemented with images, as well as create a preview with brief information about the product:

Amazon Associate

The banner selection tool allows you to choose the design for the publication to highlight a category or type of product, or choose a special reason for purchasing various products (holidays, special days, black friday, etc.):

Amazon Associate

Despite the fact that the process of registering an Amazon partner looks simple and straightforward, it is necessary to pass the verification by the company and show the potential and prospects for further cooperation. There should be at least 3 purchases within 180 days after registration through links and recommendations that were posted on the candidate site.

Amazon emphasizes that personal orders will not be counted. All purchases should only be made by strangers after clicking on the recommendation links posted on your site. The site itself or sites, mobile application, and pages in social networks that were specified during registration will be checked for compliance with Amazon standards.

In its guide for partner sites, the company emphasizes that one of the main requirements is relevant, original and high-quality content, while the site must have at least 10 posts. In addition, the content must be sufficiently fresh. The last publication is no more than 60 days old.

The information on the site should be open and accessible to all users. You need to exclude options such as closed groups, registration, paid access to content, etc. Sites that qualify as Unsuitable Sites will under no circumstances be eligible to participate in the Amazon affiliate program. The Unsuitable Sites category includes sites with the following characteristics:

  1. Sites that contain information of a sexual or obscene nature
  2. Promotion of violence or incitement to potentially dangerous or harmful actions
  3. False content, libel or manipulation
  4. Support or promotion of illegal activity
  5. Content aimed at inciting conflict or hatred, offensive or discriminatory on racial, gender, ethnic, religious or other grounds
  6. Use of the Amazon or its affiliates trademark, incorrect or alternative spelling of the Amazon or its affiliates trademark for tags, group names, social media use, etc.
  7. Use of content aimed at children under the age of 13 to obtain personal information
  8. Any intellectual property copyright infringement

Amazon strongly recommends that you thoroughly review your site and content for compliance with all requirements prior to submitting an application. You should also monitor its status during the review period, regularly update the content, add new links, etc. In case of non-compliance, the application will be rejected. If the application is rejected, then it will not be considered again.

Amazon Affiliate Program

If your site is adapted for use as a mobile application, Amazon also has its own rules and requirements:

  1. Availability for use on Google Play, Apple, or Amazon app stores
  2. Free download and installation of the application and free access to all links on the Amazon site
  3. The presence of original content
  4. Imitation of the functionality of the Amazon mobile app is prohibited
  5. Do not host or display Amazon site pages in WebViews.

The Amazon affiliate candidate mobile app will be validated, ensuring it meets requirements, after which the affiliate program request will be approved or rejected.

Affiliate Program Amazon

More details about all terms of cooperation and partnership can be found in the Associates Program Operating Agreement.

In addition to the standard options in the affiliate program format, an extended partnership option is provided for those who are influencers in their niche. This is a dedicated Amazon Influencer Program with the provision of its own page on the Amazon site with an exclusive URL. Opinion-makers can leave their feedback on products and goods presented on Amazon and promote them among their audience.

Amazon Influencer Program

For influencers, this option is attractive. It provides an alternative opportunity to earn money for directing traffic to Amazon. This is especially true for those whose audience visits sites where it is not possible to leave hyperlinks to products.

A candidate for the Amazon Influencer Program can be an opinion-maker in any category or niche, and must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account. The Amazon team will assess the number of subscribers, their engagement, the degree and level of influence on a number of indicators, after which a decision will be made about the prospects for cooperation (or lack thereof). Learn more about the Amazon Influencer Program here. For more information on who influencers are and how to interact with them as part of business, brand and SEO development, see Influencer Targeting and How to Use it for SEO: 15 Ideas and Professional Tips.

It will take a lot of effort and a lot of work to make an Amazon partner site a working and profitable project. Developing and implementing an SEO strategy for attracting organic traffic will be profitable and will remain invisible on the network. In fact, it is SEO that ultimately will determine the success in the development of the Amazon affiliate site, attracting traffic and, in the long term, making profit and increasing sales.

The fact is that if you promote a site and certain posts using publications on social networks, outreach mailings and other types of communication, this can give a short-term influx of traffic. This will subside immediately after people become familiar with the content. A lot of time will be wasted and a very active repetitive mailing can lead to the fact that some people from the contact list will simply send an overly persistent and active outreacher to the blacklist.

Another way is to place ads on social networks or in Google Ads. It is difficult to call it effective, since advertising costs minimize or nullify the income from sales commissions. At the stage of the start and development of the project, expenses will significantly exceed incomes.

Working on website promotion using SEO technologies, it is possible to build up stable organic traffic in the long term through the use of keywords, the creation of high-quality content, obtaining backlinks, etc. Moreover, regular work in this direction will help to achieve a gradual increase in organic traffic, which in turn will lead to an increase in sales from your site.

Let’s look at a step by step guide on how to create an Amazon affiliate website and make it successful and resultative.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Website: Step by Step Guide

1. Decide on the niche in which you will work

This stage can be called one of the decisive and key in the process of preparing a project for launch. Before you start working with Amazon, you should first of all choose the right and promising niche in which you will develop your project.

When it comes to creating a website from scratch, it is important to understand that there is an intensive workflow ahead of you in terms of Amazon affiliate marketing. This will require sustained motivation and interest in what you are doing. Choose among the many niches and directions and focus on what is interesting. Among the most popular are the following:

  1. Lifestyle: travels, cafe and restaurants, fashion, cosmetics, vacation etc.
  2. Hobby: events, concerts, cinema, photography, sports etc. 
  3. Kitchen: recipes, ideas, cookware and techniques, tableware, gastronomy, etc.
  4. Money and finance: investing, bitcoin, credit card so on.
  5. Health and fitness: sports, health food, organic products, fitness, yoga, sports equipment, vitamins, weight loss, goods for healthy food. 
  6. Home and family: goods for home, furniture, household appliances, goods for children and babies etc. 
  7. Technique: electronics, gadgets, mobile phones, computers and laptops etc. 
  8. Animals: food and goods for pets. 

An important point: when choosing a niche, it is worth considering not only the field of your interests or choosing a direction where you can demonstrate expertise. For the commercial success of the project, Amazon affiliate commission rates are important. This can differ significantly depending on the category of goods.

It is worth noting that Amazon’s commission rates have dropped significantly in recent years. If in 2012 the average commission rate peaked at 9.25%, at the beginning of 2020 the average commission rate is 3.14%.


This has become one of the reasons why there are opinions that the sites created for partnership with Amazon are not promising. This is not entirely true – you can still make good money on them, they just are not as effective and profitable as before, and the process of reaching a serious income has become more laborious and time-consuming.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that due to the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, sales on the Amazon website have increased significantly, as well as organic traffic, which has been steadily increasing over the past 6 months:


Even with low commission rates, there is a possibility to reach a fairly good profit over time. When deciding on a niche, carefully study the commission rates in the areas that apply to your segment. You should immediately exclude niches and product categories for which 0% commission rate is given. These are: Alcoholic Beverages, Digital Kindle Products purchased as a subscription, food delivered from a restaurant, gift cards, Wireless Service Plans, Amazon Appstore, Prime Now, Amazon Pay Places, or Prime Wardrobe Purchases, Luxury Stores.

Experts recommend not focusing on products from niches because rates are below 2%. To start earning something with commission, you will need a very serious and steadily growing traffic. This is a long and laborious process that will make the project of a partner site unprofitable.

Now a commission of 1% is assumed for such products: Amazon Fresh, Physical Video Games & Video Game Consoles, Grocery, Health & Personal Care. If you decide to specialize in fitness and a healthy lifestyle, spend time on promo sports equipment, shoes and clothing, since Health & Personal Care with a 1% commission cannot be called a promising direction in any way.

Today the highest rate of 10% is provided when purchasing goods from the categories Luxury Beauty and Amazon Coins through your link. In second place with a commission rate half as much are goods from the category Digital music and video, physical music, handmade. AThird is the purchase price on products from the Physical books, Kitchen, and Automotive niches.

4% is given for Amazon products (Amazon Fire Tablet, Amazon Kindle Devices, Amazon Fashion Women’s, Men’s & Kids Private Label).

3% commission can be earned when selling goods from the categories toys, furniture, household goods, garden goods, pet goods, beauty goods, musical instruments, sports goods, tools, and goods for babies.

2.5% rate is given on purchases of PC, PC Components, DVD & Blu-Ray products, 2% for Televisions, Digital Video Games. All other product categories come with a 4% rate.

Amazon Affiliate Program

One might think that it is worth making money on the sale of expensive goods, since the interest rate or the final commission on the purchase price will be quite high. For example, if someone buys a musical instrument for $4,500, your 3% commission is $135.


This is far more impressive than the prospect of getting $13.5 for a 4.5% commission on the sale of a $300 espresso machine.


It is important to understand that expensive purchases, as in the example with keyboards, people make not so often, and they approach the purchase of such goods very carefully. In the middle price segment, buyers feel more at ease and are also prone to impulse purchases.

To understand what is the average price for products in the niche you are considering, analyze the offers on the Amazon website. According to experts in the field of Amazon affiliate marketing, the optimal range for products that should be promoted using affiliate sites is from $30 to $300. Higher-priced products lose conversions, while products worth less than $30 are hard to make money.

2. Analyze the competitive environment

When entering the Amazon affiliate marketing market, it is important to understand whether you can get enough traffic for effective sales in a reasonable period of time. If your niche is filled with a large number of strong players with a long experience in the market, it may take years to break through, and it is not a fact that the result will pay off.

To understand how your niche is filled with competitors and whether there is a loophole in it, pay attention to the number of backlinks that lead to the pages of competing sites. High-quality backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in Google, thanks to which the site ranks high in the SERP, and as a result, traffic increases.

backlinks are an indicator of how much the site and the niche itself are in demand among the target audience. Let’s say you decide to specialize in selling kitchen products. The commission rate in this area is quite high – 4.5%, and the gastronomic theme leaves a lot of scope for creating varied, interesting, and attractive content.

Within the framework of this topic, you can write about recipes, cuisines, traditions of different countries of the world, etc., along the way describing culinary tools – from a set of knives or pans to grills and slow cookers. The creation of culinary content will make the site visually attractive thanks to photo and video content, which will also contribute to the loyalty of the target audience and attract organic traffic.

To assess the situation in the niche, analyze the content from a similar thematic section on the Wirecutter website:


In this material we can see an overview of the best, from the point of view of site specialists, non-stick pans. Let’s check how things are with backlinks:


You can see that the number of referring domains is 90. Wirecutter is perhaps the largest and most popular Amazon affiliate site. For an objective assessment of the employment of a niche, it is worth comparing this page and several others related to the culinary theme with a similar page from another product category on the same site. For comparison, let’s take an overview of the best business laptops:


A comparative analysis of backlinks shows that despite a fairly high score (90 referring domains) for the first frying pan review, the number of referring domains on other kitchen product review pages is small (11, 13 and 28). This is especially significant when compared to the 114 referring domains in the laptop review:


After the analysis, we can conclude that the creation of a partner site related to culinary themes and aimed at selling products for the kitchen looks quite promising. The niche is not crowded, and if you pay attention to segmented products and do quality reviews, combining them with interesting and engaging content, you can gradually increase organic traffic, which will ensure stable sales.

3. Build your website

Before creating a website, it is important to decide on the format. For a site in the form of a blog, this option is quite suitable for an example with a culinary affiliate website, you can use one of the popular CMS: WordPress, Wix, Joomla etc.

If the site will function as an online store, you should consider purchasing a domain.Check the entire background of the domain, to make sure that it has a good reputation and there were no problems with penalties from Google. Read more in the article Algorithms That Affect SEO. This can be done using the resource, which stores information about the domain for the entire period of its existence:


Another useful service for obtaining information about a domain is ICANN Lookup. You can find information about domain registration, its registration ID, domain Status and domain expiration.

ICANN Lookup

The next item will be choosing a name for the site. It should be:

  1. Relevant topic and niche
  2. Original and memorable
  3. Look brandable whenever possible
  4. Possibly contain a keyword or words that fit the niche

Note that among the trends of recent years, there is freedom in terms of choosing a domain name. It doesn’t have to be tied to a specific niche, especially when it comes to something segmented. This variant of the domain name can be very limiting when expanding the range of categories and products. Choosing a name for a domain is a process that can be creative.

It is also important that the site has a well thought out structure. It must be convenient and understandable for both users and search engines. When working with the structure of the site and micro-markup, you should focus on the service standards:


If you are planning to create an affiliate website as an online store, you should contact the webmaster. If we are talking about the blog format, then you can cope with its creation on the basis of a CMS on your own, although in some cases you may need the help of a designer, photographer and other specialists to make the content visually attractive and interesting for the target audience.

4. Assess the traffic you need

After you have decided on a niche,it is important to understand what kind of traffic you need to attract to money pages to get the planned profit. It is on these pages that links to the products of the site will be posted.

Sales pages attract users because they are usually presented in the form of comparative product descriptions, as was the case in the Wirecutter review examples. People are looking for information about products. It is this presentation of material that is most interesting for them.

To understand what kind of traffic you need, you should evaluate it using the formula:

Monthly income goal/(average cost of goods x percentage of commission in a category x average CTR for affiliate link x average conversion rate). Let’s calculate how much traffic you need to earn $1000 per month using a website for promoting kitchen products:

Average cost of kitchen goods is $60. Commission rate – 4.5%. There are two unknowns in our equation: conversion rates and CTR. Let’s take the average indicators, which are written about as typical for Amazon affiliate sites: 7% conversion and 4% CTR.

We consider: 1000/(60×4.5% x4% x7%) = 133.333. This means that in order to earn $1000 monthly with a conversion of 7% and a CTR of 4%, you need to have 133,333 monthly visits to your sales pages.

It is worth noting that we were considering a pessimistic scenario, since a number of experts and bloggers believe that Amazon affiliate links convert quite well. Amazon’s long-standing reputation as the best online retail store and customer confidence initially contribute to the loyalty of the audience and the fact that they are ready to buy goods on this resource.

5. Assessment of potential traffic

In order to assess traffic potential, it is important to understand whether the niche has enough resources. You should find an Amazon partner site on a similar topic. This can be done by entering the following Google query into the search box: best name of product inurl:best. Let’s make a request for the best blender. Among the search results, it is better not to pay attention to sites that will have huge traffic, but for unknown Amazon affiliate sites examples in your niche.

When asked for a blender, the fourth position in the SERP is a link to an Amazon affiliate site specializing in a similar category, judging by the domain name

After analyzing the sales page, you can see that the number of unique visitors to the domain reached 912.3K in September.


Having checked the history of the domain on the resource, we see that the site has existed since 2011, but the real activity on the domain began in 2018:


A check on the ICANN Lookup service showed that the site was created in 2018, it looks like in this case the domain was purchased from the previous owners:

ICANN Lookup

Based on the traffic to Amazon’s themed partner site, it can be assumed that the culinary niche has the potential to generate the 133.3K monthly visits needed to generate a $1,000 profit.

6. Keywords research

Keyword analysis and selection is one of the cornerstones in the formation of an SEO strategy, site positioning, brand positioning, etc. An analysis of organic research on a competitor’s website shows that the number of keywords used reached 94.9K.


Using filters, you can customize the search for keywords by subject or their volume, obtaining information about what users are most often looking for in the niche of kitchen products.

Another way to select keywords for publications and reviews is by analyzing the authority score of the site. This is a criterion that evaluates a site’s authority based on the backlink profile. has an authority score of 51, which is a fairly good indicator (for comparison, Wirecutter’s authority score is 83, with the number of unique visitors being 176.9 million). At the same time, in the case of a request for best knife set, the website was in the penultimate place on the first page of the SERP:

This example is interesting in that the site, which still managed to get to the first page of the search results, has a rather modest authority score – 21 and an even more modest number of unique visitors – 2.3K:


This gives cause for optimism, but it also gives an opportunity to study the keywords used by low-authority sites. Since they managed to get into good positions on the first page of the SERP, then their keywords matched user queries.

Another way to get effective keyword research is to use SEO tools like Semrush’s Keywords Magic Tool. With it, you can find the best keywords for creating content on the site, as well as ideas for the site name, titles for posts, reviews, etc.


For more information on how to analyze and research keywords, read our article How to Do Keyword Research: A Complete Guide for Beginners.

7. Creation of content for the site

After you have created a site based on a domain or CMS, start working on the content. Most of the Amazon affiliate sites are created in the format of blogs or thematic sites with a variety of content, with the help of which you can attract the attention of users, as well as promote products from the Amazon site.

For an interesting Amazon affiliate website example, consider

Dog Food Advisor

The site has existed since 2008, and the number of unique visitors is 2.5 million per month. The specificity of the resource is that it is a niche site specializing in the topic of dog food. It should be borne in mind that the market for pet products is huge: in 2019 in the United States, its volume amounted to $95.7 billions, of which the share of Pet Food & Treats was $36,9 billion. Therefore, such a wide audience for a niche and specialized site is quite natural.


The content on the site is presented in the form of reviews of a variety of products, which contain links to Amazon and other online stores where you can purchase goods. As with many product rankings and articles, most headlines start with best:

Dog Food Advisor

The site has many useful and informative articles about dogs, FAQ and Library sections. Of course, working on high-quality content will require a lot of time and effort and therefore sales will ultimately depend on it.

The format of content presentation depends on the niche, it can be articles in the style of how to, informational articles, ratings, guides, comparisons and analysis, testing and reviews.

It is important that the content is constantly updated, and this should happen with a certain frequency, which is important to think over at the beginning of the launch of the project and adjust as it develops. Posts and publications should appear consistently at the same time so that the audience knows that by visiting your site, for example, on Wednesday morning, you can see new material.

8. Types of content for Amazon affiliate site

The most common types of content on Amazon affiliate sites are product comparisons, blog posts, and individual product reviews. Take a look at how to work with each of these formats.

  • Product comparisons. The most popular type of content on such sites, it is for queries such as “the best espresso machines,” etc. that Google often gives links to Amazon affiliate sites. To start writing a review, you need to select products to compare. To do this, it is important to understand what is relevant to your audience at the moment.

For example, if the site is dedicated to fashion, then reviews of models of clothes, shoes and accessories in accordance with trends and seasons will be relevant. If you specialize in car accessories, equipment and spare parts, then reviews can also be built based on the weather or season.

The next step is to select the products themselves for review. You can familiarize yourself with the range of products and their ratings presented on the Amazon website. One of the reasons for the trust of a huge number of buyers to this online retailer is precisely that fairly objective information is provided there:


Many comments can be collected, thanks to which you can draw conclusions about how buyers evaluate the product.

You can also monitor reviews and ratings on the network. If the same product is found in several ratings or reviews in top positions, you can safely include it in the review of the best positions in the category.

A good way to understand what your audience needs is to analyze the keywords they use to find the best product variations. This can be done using Keyword Gap by Semrush. By comparing three reviews on robot vacuum, you can see which keywords people use the most to find the best options for that product category:


You can understand the interests of the target audience and select keywords that should be used when writing an article.


Another, almost win-win way to create high-quality and unique content, is to independently test what you are writing about. This is done extremely rarely and most of the content that can be seen on partner sites is, in fact, a rewrite of the same reviews.

It is clear that this is almost impossible to do with expensive products. If your niche and product category allows you to purchase several test units at a price of $30- $40, test them in action and then describe your personal experience and impressions. It might be worth considering this option. for truly unique content.

This will help you distinguish your review from the many similar ones on the net. After the end of the experiment, the goods can be returned or sold on ebay: even if you lose a little of their original cost, high-quality unique material is worth it.

  • Writing a review for a separate product. The same approach will apply here as in the work on the material for review-comparison. The only difference is that when describing several different products, you can highlight the advantages and disadvantages by comparison. If you write a post about only one product, there is no comparative point.

To fill the site with content, as well as to accumulate internal links, you can write detailed reviews for each of the products that were mentioned in the comparison material, and publish them after a while, forming a link between the materials.

  • Blogging post: In order for the site to be interesting for the audience, it is important to fill it with varied, useful and high-quality content. A good example of how to make a website interesting to your target audience is the case study:

Home Grounds

The concept of this Amazon affiliate site is a community of coffee lovers and connoisseurs. There is a lot of content on the features of this drink, varieties, methods of roasting, etc. A whole section on the site is devoted to the topic of brewing coffee in a variety of ways:

Home Grounds

Creating interesting posts with information that will be attractive to your target audience is one of the most effective ways to gain loyalty and increase traffic. For more information on how to create a blog post, see our How to Write a Great Blog Post in 2020: Guide, Tips and Examples. You can read about how to promote your blogging content in the article How to Promote Your Blog in 2020.

9. Use internal links

Internal links help structure the site, direct the user from one type of content to another on a similar topic. Anchor internal links help Google better understand the content of the content and this can help rankings, which is important in the context of SEO.

For Amazon affiliate sites, a good option would be to use hyperlinks leading from the main, large material with a comparative review of several products to articles where each of the products is described separately. Use hyperlinks from articles about individual products to general material with comparisons. This can be schematically depicted as follows:

This practice can increase the time a user spends on the site and contribute to the gradual accumulation of internal link mass, which will have a positive effect on the results of Google search results.

10. Work on getting quality backlinks

High-quality backlinks are the most important ranking factor, which largely determines the position of the site in the search results. To start getting backlinks to product review content, you can search the web for blog posts on topics related to your content. After that, contact the author of the material and invite him to give a link to your review in his post. 

For more information on how to work on building a link profile, see Build High-Quality Backlinks in a Scalable Way in 2020 and Skyscraper Technique.

The Amazon affiliate site is still a promising option for making money in affiliate marketing in the web, despite the decrease in commission rates. It is important to understand that it will take a lot of time and work for a website to start generating stable profits, since attracting traffic is not an easy task. If you find a niche that is in demand in the market, the chances of success are very high.

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