How to Extract Images from Word, Google Docs, PDFs and More

How to Extract Images from Word, Google Docs, PDFs and More

7 Ways to Extract Images From Google Docs

1. Publish on the Internet and Save Images One-by-one

It is better to extract the image from Google Docs in this way when there are several images you need to save.

1. Open the necessary document. Click on the File, and then Publish to the web function.

2. Click Publish. If the document contains confidential data, you need to remove it from public access after the completion of the process.

3. The system will automatically generate a URL where the publication will be available. Just copy and open it in a new tab.

4. In the opened web version of the document, you can save the necessary image by simply right-clicking on it and clicking Save Image As.

5. To remove the publication, you need to reopen the tab from Google Docs, go to the File, and then the Publish to the web function. Then click on the Published content and settings button, and select Stop publishing in the window that opens.

2. Download as a Webpage and Save Images in Batches

It is a suitable method for those who need to extract many images simultaneously without losing quality and retaining the size. To do this, open the required document and click File Download. Then in the menu that pops up, select Web Page (.html, zipped).

A .zip archive will automatically be downloaded to your computer. Find this file in downloads. It will contain uploaded images in a folder of the same name.

3. Utilize Image Extractor

We are going to describe how to extract images from Google Docs if only specific images are needed. To do this, click Add-onsGet add-ons.

In the new window, type Image Extractor.

After installing the free plugin, in Google Docs, open the Add-ons menu – Image Extractor and run the tool. Then select an image, click Download Image and search for it in your downloads folder.

4. Take a High-quality Screenshot

To ensure the quality of a screenshot does not deteriorate, enlarge the page to full-screen mode. For Mac, use the keyboard shortcut – Shift + Command + 4, for a PC – Ctrl + PrtScn. 

Or you can use a free tool called Greenshot.

Get Green Shot

5. Convert to Word

This method will describe how to add Google images to Word for further editing. Click File – Download – Microsoft Word (.docx). The document will automatically be converted to the new format. The formatting and content will be preserved completely.

Now we will show you how to copy and paste a Word document into a Google Doc. For instance, you have edited material and want to re-download it. So, select the entire contents of the file using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A and copy to the clipboard using Ctrl + C. Open Google Docs and click on the Create Document tab. Then, using the Ctrl + V combination, paste all the content into the file. All changes will automatically be saved in the system.

6. Use Google Keep

Here is another simple way for how to download a picture from Google Docs – using the tool Google Keep, i.e., the service for notes from the search engine. To use it, you will need the Chrome browser. Before getting started, just download and install the tool.


1. Right-click on the necessary image in the document and select the Save to Keep notepad function.


2.  In the panel that appears, right-click again and click on Save image as. We recommend giving it a title that is consistent with your SEO goals.


If necessary, you can edit the picture now or immediately insert it into the site.

7. Use the Wordable Tool

With the help of the Wordable premium tool, it is possible to save an image from a Google Doc easily. The service imports posts and pages from Google Docs to WordPress in one click. The program has an easy-to-use plugin; you can see detailed information in the FAQ.  You must first allow access to your Google Drive.

1. Open the tool and click on the Export button next to the document.


2. If you want to transfer the content to the site immediately, click on the Export to WordPress button. You can also export files as publications or web pages.


In WordPress, the document will be saved as a draft. You can find it on the CMS control panel.


Note: If the images have a name suitable for SEO, they will automatically appear after importing into WordPress.


And finally, many users ask: “Can you save a Google Doc as a PDF?” Yes, you can. Just open the required document, click on the File tab – Save As, and select PDF as the format. We will tell you how to extract images in this case below.

How to Extract Images from Google Slides

Extracting pictures from Google Slides is easy. Select the image you want to upload, then right-click and press Copy.

Search Engine Journal

Click on the File function and Create a Document. And in the window that opens, select Edit and Paste.

Search Engine Journal

Then repeat this with each picture. Once you have copied all the content you need into a new document then you can save images from Google Docs.

3 Ways to Extract Images From a PDF

1. Use PDFelement

It is possible to use a simple, and free tool to extract images from a PDF, i.e., PDFelement. It allows you to extract single or several images at once.

1. Launch the program and click on the Home tab on the control panel – Open File. Specify the required PDF file.

Wonder Share

2. Go to the Convert tab and click To images. An additional window will open where you can select the necessary format for it to be extracted. Then click Options Extract all images to PDF if you need to download a batch. Then Save.

Wonder Share

The tool can also be used to extract text from a scanned or graphic PDF document for further editing.

2. Use Adobe Acrobat

Let’s see how to do this based on the two versions, i.e., Reader and Pro.

1. Extracting Images With Adobe Acrobat Reader

Open the PDF document and scroll down to the picture you want. Then select the Edit function – Take a Snapshot.

Online Tech Tips

Then click on Edit and Select All or use the Ctrl + A shortcut.

Online Tech Tips

Then right-click on the image in the file. The Copy selected graphics option will be displayed. The image is automatically copied to the clipboard. Then you can paste it into any image editor and save it in the format that you want.

2. Extracting Images With Adobe Acrobat Pro

This version allows you to export all images simultaneously, which is much more convenient than the previous version. Open the file, then click Tools – Export PDF.

Online Tech Tips

Select the Image function, mark the required format, and check the box next to the Export all images function.

Online Tech Tips

Select the folder where the images will be saved. Then click on it, and once the option  Save as appears, write the name of the file.

3. Use Adobe Photoshop

If you use Photoshop, you can easily extract images from PDF documents too. To do this, run the program and open the required file. The import window will appear automatically.

Online Tech Tips

Click on the Images option and select the images that you want to open in the program. If you need to select several pictures, hold down SHIFT. Each new image will open in a separate tab. Then save the images in the necessary format.

3 Ways to Extract an Image from Word

1. Save the Document as a Web Page

One of the most convenient ways to extract images from a Word document is to save it as a web page. Thus, you can get all the pictures in a batch. It is a good solution if you need to extract many files at once.

Open the document, click on the File tab – Save As. Select the folder where the files will be stored, and in the new window that opens, click on the Web Page format.

The Windows Club

Note: do not select a form or subtype: Filtered web page. It can reduce the quality of the images after they are loaded.

In the folder where you saved the document, select the .htm file; this is where all the images are.

The Windows Club

The text editor generates the HTML code with URLs to images that cannot be embedded. Therefore, you need to put the files in a folder next to the HTML file. The main advantage is that all pictures have a high resolution in jpg or png format without losing quality.

2. Change the .docx Extension to .zip

This is another simple way to extract images from Word in batches. Change the document extension from .docx to .zip; to do this, select the desired file, right-click it, and click on Rename.

The Windows Club

In the line that opens, delete the .docx and write the .zip, save. The program will send a request to confirm the operation.

The Windows Club

You can use any tool to unpack archives, for example, WinRAR. For convenience, it is better to create a separate folder where images will be saved.

3. Use a Graphics Editor or the Office Image Extraction Wizard Tool

The graphics editor allows you to extract a few images (from 1 to 5). Right-click on the picture and select Copy; this will not, in any way, affect the quality or resolution of the copied image.

Then open any of the graphic editors such as Paint or Photoshop. There is not much difference, but it will be more convenient to work in simplified Paint. Insert a picture into the editor and save the result. You can use the CTRL + S shortcut for convenience.

To extract images in batches, utilize the free tool called Office Image Extraction Wizard.

The Windows Club

The service extracts images without changing the format, recompression, or additional processing. That is, you get quality content for further use. One of the advantages of the program is that it works with different formats, not just .docx. It can also be used for PowerPoint, electronic publications, Excel spreadsheets, and so on (you can read more about supported formats here).

After downloading the program, open it, specify the address where the required document is, and the tool will do everything on its own.

We will also take a look at how to send an image to the back in Google Docs using Word, which is necessary if you want to create a background for the text.

How to Extract an Image From PowerPoint

1. Save the Presentation as a PNG File

You need to export your presentation as PNG files and edit them. To do this, click File.

Free Power Ppoint Templates

Then click Save As – Browse.

Free Power Ppoint Templates

Select the .jpg format and enter the file name. Done!

Free Power Ppoint Templates

This method allows you to edit all the files or just one slide. This way, you can retain the quality of the images.

2. Use the SlideOnline Tool

Slide Online

The service SlideOnline allows you to download and view presentations online. You can download it for free. Once downloaded, it is embedded in your web browser, and you can use it easily.

After the presentation is ready to be viewed, click on the selected image and press on the Save Image As option. Choose the name and format of the file, and save it to your computer.

The methods described above make it possible to extract and save images for additional content creation. In the majority of cases, it is easier to use options that involve a batch extraction of images by using special services. For example, Wordable allows you to immediately import images from Google Docs to WordPress, which saves time. For Word, one of the most optimal services, in our opinion, is the Office Image Extraction Wizard.

We also reviewed simple ways to extract images without downloading and installing additional software. For example, to download an image from Google Docs or Word, you need to publish the page on the Internet, save it as a web version, or change the file extension.

To extract images from PDF files, we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Pro to export content faster. Try different options for saving images and choose the most convenient one.

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