How Much Money Does Google Make?

How Much Money Does Google Make?

Since 2002, Google’s annual revenue has grown from 0.4 billion to an impressive $160.74 billion. It seems to us that such a rapid enrichment definitely deserves our attention, so we decided to answer the question, how much money does Google make?

How Much Money Does Google Get?

So how much profit does Google make?

Back in 2011, the authoritative web resource Moz grieved that Google’s revenue of $29 billion was comparable to the cost of 29 Taj Mahals or 17 Bugatti Veyron cars – the most expensive car in the world as of 2011.

Now, judging by the same data from Statista, Google can afford 5.5 times more Taj Mahals or the already legendary Bugatti Veyrons. That is more than $0.44 billion per day! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It should be mentioned that the company is constantly pleasing its consumers with something new. It launches advanced cloud platform for hosting applications, or it offers another super-sophisticated search algorithm, such as Hummingbird (which is based on artificial intelligence and is able to reproduce the context of speech of real users living in different parts of the world, as you can read in the Google Algorithms That Affect SEO article).

Advertising as Google’s main source of income

Let’s talk about how Google earns money. It’s easy to guess that the bulk of the company’s revenue comes from advertising. So, for 2018, the Google profit sharing graph looked like this:


As you can see, advertising has brought owners as much as 85% of the total amount of money during that year.

Android license fees, Google Cloud sales, and branded hardware as secondary revenue streams

However, a fairly small percentage of Google’s revenue still brings a very impressive amount of sales of cloud services, licensing fees for Android developers, and the sales of branded devices such as Pixel smartphones based on Android OS, Pixelbox laptops, virtual reality glasses Google Glass, Google Daydream, Google Home smart speakers, and Google self-driving cars.

Naturally, all these devices have tremendous success with the target audience because no other company of such a large scale has managed to keep the balance between price and quality of its products so delicately. Let’s go ahead to finally find out how much is Google worth.

How Much is Google Worth Today?

How much is Google worth now?

If you believe Wikipedia, then in 2014, Google’s assets were at a record 131.133 billion US dollars. We are sure that over the past 6 years, these figures for Google’s money have increased a lot. 

Google’s parent company is Alphabet, which also owns global business and scientific industry stars such as Waymo, Calico, X, Wing, etc. Based on the same Wikipedia page, it can be argued that last year the assets of this company amounted to a gigantic sum of 275.9 billion US dollars. This is slightly less than the total assets of Apple (338.516 billion US dollars).

However, the latter company has lost its rates compared to the previous year, while the dynamics of Alphabet and Google, remains positive.

Prospects for further growth

Judging by the fact that Google developers every year propose more and more new developments, the company will remain in trend for a very long time. It was Google who made an invaluable contribution to the research and creation of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. For more information, read the article – Google BERT Update.

In the same way, Google attracts many other people: every IT specialist (even the one who works for the brainchild of Steve Jobs) probably dreams of visiting Google’s “production shop”. In the meantime, both camps are working for the good of the company – both the consumer camp and the sales camp, we definitely won’t have to talk about the decline in the value of Google shares.

Let’s sum up our research on the topic: How much money does Google make. Despite the fact that the company has several sources of income at once, the main cash flow still comes from AdWords. It is advertising that allows the company to bring its owners astronomical sums annually.

Do you admire Google’s work as much as we do? Leave your opinion on this digital business giant in the comments below.

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