Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Every experienced webmaster strives for accuracy. It is especially important to analyze how quickly and correctly the progress towards the goal is carried out. In this article, we will consider which Google Analytics plugins for WordPress users are the most reliable and find out if they have any drawbacks. After reading this information, each specialist will be able to choose the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress to solve their own problems.



One of the more popular plugins. It is used by over 2 million WordPress websites. MonsterInsights is at the top of all lists for the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins.


  • Easy to use: You can enable certain Google Analytics features in one click.
  • Setup and installation take place in a matter of seconds.
  • Provides detailed website reports.

MonsterInsights website reports:

  • Audience report

The user is provided with information about their target audience such as gender, age, location, and what device they use to visit the website.

  • Behavior report

Such metrics help to increase traffic and reduce bounce rates. You can improve the interface using data from the report as such page views, average session duration, outbound links, bounce rate, referrals, or search terms. Read the related article – What is a Good Bounce Rate?

  • Content report

It will help you optimize your pages and increase conversions as it only collects effective landing pages. Information is provided on the number of visits, average duration, and bounce rate.

  • Ecommerce Report

The information collected will help increase conversions and revenue but is only suitable for e-commerce sites.

Bottom line: MonsterInsights is one of the best WordPress plugins to help you drive more sales. However, this feature is not free. Prices range from $100 per year for the standard version or up to $500 per year for the professional version, which can be used on 25 sites.



In terms of relevance among users, second place goes to  ExactMetrics, a popular Google Analytics plugin among 1 million specialists. It is more difficult to use and install than MonsterInsights but there are some features and advantages:

  • ExactMetrics allows you to make your own changes to the Google Analytics tracking code.

The user can customize the code to receive such data such as cross-domain tracking, remarketing, demographic tracking, and frequency control of site speed check.

  • ExactMetrics lets you track events such as downloads, emails, affiliate links, and more.
  • It also provides real-time statistics. These statistics include the number of visitors, the origin of the traffic, and their sources. Detailed reports with such data help optimize your content.

Bottom line: It is slightly more difficult to use and install but that is covered by the special features that ExactMetrics provides. Free use will also be a plus for users.

WP Google Analytics Events


This is the simplest event tracking plugin. Its characteristics:

  • Free version that allows tracking individual links and mouse scrolling.
  • The pro version that allows you to track internal and external links, as well as CTA button, image clicks, contact impressions.
  • Additional features include YouTube and Vimeo tracking.

Bottom line: When using this plugin, you can get information on users’ interaction with each page of the site and whether they are fulfilling such important goals as ordering, viewing, clicking on links, etc. The biggest advantage of this plugin is that it is free. The premium version starts at $79 per year.

WP Statistics


WP Statistics is another easy-to-install and easy-to-use WordPress analytics plugin that provides you with statistics and simple graphs in a dashboard.


  • Ability to track visitor data: IP address, country, browser, referring site, operating system, and city.
  • You can track redirects from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and others.
  • WP Statistics allows you to set access levels for viewing and managing analytics.
  • The ability to export your analytical data to CSV, XML, or TSV files, and WP Statistics.
  • Can send statistics summary by email with custom text.

Bottom line: It is easy to use, partly free, and there is a premium version. The premium version is paid and comes with several additional functions:

  1. Real-time statistics.
  2. More detailed advanced reports.
  3. Basic information with the ability to filter data.



Analytify is a WP Analytics plugin that is ideal for those who have not had the experience of manually adding Google Analytics tracking code to their website. This plugin makes the data and metrics provided by Google Analytics as simple as possible. They no longer seem so difficult and confusing.

Analytify features and benefits:

  1. Simplifies all site activity data: This saves time understanding and analyzing complex tables.
  2. Easy to install and use.
  3. The Google Analytics tracking code is automatically inserted. All you need to do is install the plugin and authenticate it in one click.
  4. It has standard Google Analytics reports and statistics. They can be viewed in the WordPress dashboard.
  5. It has additional features from the premium package such as integration with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  6. It has the ability to show statistics to visitors or send it by email.

For example, the companies listed on the site would like to know certain metrics, so you can enable and provide a report viewer interface. You can collect reports and share them with the team working on this project. This will help you quickly identify weaknesses and develop a plan to circumvent competitors.

7. Great for eCommerce businesses:

  • Has the ability to check all transactions.
  • Report on adding to cart.
  • How many buyers left the page at the checkout stage.
  • Average check.
  • The popularity of a particular product.
  • Clicks.
  • Transactions.

This data is provided by email. Working with reports makes it possible to reduce the number of people leaving a shopping cart by optimizing the checkout process.

8. The ability to manage your UTM campaigns with Analytify

Bottom line: The plugin has more than 5 million users, is easy to use, and has many standard and additional functions. The peculiarity is that you can change the look of the plugin with basic CSS knowledge. The use is paid from $39 per month and up to $130 per year.

GA Google Analytics


Google Analytics provides analytics to track user interactions with a web page. These are important metrics for someone who wants to understand what visitors are doing on the page, but along with this plugin, you will need to use additional tools.

Features and benefits of GA Google Analytics:

  1. The ability to track page navigation.
  2. Analyzing the effectiveness of CTA buttons.
  3. Analysis of data on receiving information by the client: what percentage of visitors have read to the end of the message.
  4. Contact form conversion tracking.

Bottom line: This is an excellent plugin that has a lot of features. It combines well with other tools to track site statistics and demographics because GA Google Analytics is only for event tracking.

Tracking up-to-date data and a clear understanding of the location of the resource will allow you to designate a further development strategy for the project. Each of the above plugins has its own value. Your task is to determine the direction vector and choose the most appropriate tool to achieve the goal. We hope this article has clarified some of the nuances and will help you make a decision when choosing the right plugin.

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