50+ Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions

50+ Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions

All digital specialists, including internet marketers, rely not only on their knowledge and skills. They also use a variety of tools that help facilitate and improve their work. Unfortunately, there is not a single perfect tool. Instead, there are multiple tools that are each responsible for different tasks. Therefore, we have made a selection of free Chrome extensions that will help make SEO more effective.

Chrome Extensions for Searching and Storing Information

  1. Google Results Previewer creates a solution by opening multiple tabs in the browser. In order to prevent wasting time by moving from site to site for a search, you can simply move the mouse cursor to view and read the preview of the web page.
  2. Giphy for Chrome helps to find graphics for adding illustrations to articles.
  3. Save to Pocket saves articles, videos, photos, or other materials. You can also postpone news, articles, and other texts so you can read them in your free time. It supports Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and more. To learn more about using the Reddit platform for effective SEO, read our Reddit For SEO article. 
  4. Multicopy is an extension with built-in storage. It allows you to permanently save copies of texts.
  5. Hunter makes it easy to find contact information in a browser. “Domain Search” will find all the email addresses associated with the site.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Competitive Analysis

  1. SimilarSites creates a selection of pages on a specific topic in order to analyze the market of competitors. You can also enable SimilarSites and work with a list of recommended sites similar to the one currently open. Find more information on the topic here – SEO Competitive Analysis.
  2. SimilarWeb allows you to view traffic and key metrics for any website.
  3. BuiltWith provides information on how a web resource is built. Information about widgets, statistical, and advertising services, encoding, etc., are all included.
  4. Data Scraper extracts data from any HTML page and imports it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Chrome Extensions for Work with Content

  1. Word Counter Plus – counts the number of words on the page and in the selected text. 
  2. FireShot helps to dilute the text with beautiful pictures. 
  3. Grammarly helps to eliminate mistakes when writing text in English. It also helps to find the perfect words for self-expression. 
  4. LanguageTool is another grammar and spelling checker. It is an essential extension when working with text. It supports the most popular languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and others.
  5. LinguaLeo English Translator -creates translations of words, phrases, and whole sentences on any page. You can also learn new words, replenish your vocabulary, and improve your English skills. 

Best SEO Extensions for Chrome

  1. SEOquake is a Chrome SEO plugin for analyzing pages directly in the search results. It is possible to sort and export the results to a CSV file, and it provides the ability to do a full SEO audit.
  2.  Link Grabber is an SEO Chrome extension that extracts links from a page and displays them on another tab.
  3. Woorank is a free SEO extension for Chrome that instantly provides a detailed report of website errors.
  4. PageSpeed Insights by Google is an SEO extension that allows you to check the page loading speed with just a couple of clicks.
  5. Hreflang Tag Checker – great Hreflang tag checker. This SEO Chrome extension finds problematic hreflangs that do not link to the original page.
  6. GrowthBar is used in SEO, marketing, and competitor analysis.
  7. vidIQ Vision for YouTube can optimize any video on YouTube. 
  8. LinkMiner checks web pages for broken links and retrieves metrics for them.
  9. SEOInfo automatically finds technical errors. It checks items such as AMP, hreflang errors, and others. You can find more information about the technical check of the site in the article What is the Technical SEO Audit?
  10. AMP Validator automatically checks every page for AMP. The extension will check the current page to see if it is an AMP page and then let you know whether or not it is optimized. 
  11. OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It allows you to check the presence of the micro-layout for any page.
  12. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome can quickly and easily switch between user-agent strings.
  13. Essential SEO Toolkit (SEO Analysis Tool) can do SEO traffic analysis, speed analysis, website audit, and backlink analysis. Details on how to write an SEO report – SEO Report: What Includes and How to Do.
  14. View Rendered Source is a tool for web developers using JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, ReactJS, and Vue.js. It’s also suitable for SEO to understand how search engines see pages. Learn how to view page code from How to View Website Source Code
  15. Streak CRM for Gmail is ideal for business correspondence. You can respond and communicate with customers with templates or plan to send emails in advance.
  16. Broken Link Checker provides services so you don’t need to manually check each link for the 404 answers.
  17. Redirect Path helps to track redirects. It answers the question of whether the redirects are SEO friendly. To learn more about redirects check out this article 301 vs 302 redirects.
  18. SEO meta in 1 click clearly displays all meta tags and basic SEO information. Read more about meta tags – Meta Tags for SEO.
  19. SEO-HTML is an alternative to the previous extension. It is designed to analyze the source code of an HTML website and to display basic SEO information.
  20. SEO Analysis & Website Review provides an instant SEO analysis of sites. 
  21. MozBar gives basic metrics when viewing any page from search results. Here you can:
  • Quickly evaluate page authority and domain authority
  • Compare site metrics
  • Find and highlight keywords
  • Set page elements, markup, and HTTP status
  • Export analysis details to a CSV file

Chrome Extensions for Link Building

  1. Serpstat Website SEO Checker is an extension for scanning a domain or page. It shows the key indicators of any site’s: 
  • Visibility
  • Traffic
  • Number of keywords
  • Main competitors in the region, etc. 2. SEO Extension от Mangools can help accelerate the routine work of selecting link donors. It shows the following metrics:
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • Alexa Rank
  • Referring IPs
  • Facebook shares 3. NinjaOutreach Lite is one of the best extensions for link building. It helps to send requests for the placement of external links.  4. NoFollow helps find nofollow on the page. It is an essential extension for crowd link professionals. 5. SEMRush Rank is a dashboard that reports the link rank of a domain and/or individual pages. This SEO toolkit allows users to analyze backlinks and track keyword rankings. Learn more about high-quality backlinks in the Build High-Quality Backlinks in a Scalable Way in 2020 article. 6. Free Backlink Checker by LRT finds broken links, defines no-follow and, follows links. It defines spammed external domains as well. The extension analyzes everything in seconds and can do data export.

Chrome Extensions for Keyword Search

  1. RDS Bar provides a comprehensive analysis of the SEO site and page indicators in one place. It groups data into blocks. 
  2. Keywords Everywhere is an extension for searching and analyzing keywords. It lets you build LSI. It also gives the following statistics for keywords: 
  • CPC
  • Frequency
  • Competition 3. Search Trends allows you to see the trends in the search on the map.
    It is a very handy tool for local SEO. Data is taken from Google Trends. For more information, see How to use Google Trends for SEO 4. TextOptimizer is good extension for optimizing texts. It will help to make your content literate and readable. Such text will take first place in Google. Learn how to improve website content in this Website Content Audit article. 5. Keyword Surfer allows you to find similar keywords for 70 countries. It is a very popular extension for experienced SEO professionals.

Chrome Extensions to Check Site Positions

  1. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch is a search engine simulator that helps to check the position of websites in search results.
  2. FATRANK provides data on what positions different keyword occupy in Google. It is used by SEO professionals around the world.
  3. SERPTrends SEO Extension is one of the best extensions to check the position, and it allows you to track the dynamics of the search results.

Chrome Extensions for Web Analytics

  1. Page Analytics (by Google) allows you to see how customers interact with pages. You can use this data to optimize the site layout, improve the user interface, and increase conversion.
  2. Google Analytics Debugger downloads the debug version of Google Analytics Javascript for all sites that are viewed using Google Chrome. It analyzes and reports errors, and provides warnings when the analytics tracking code is not configured correctly. It is one of the most popular extensions on the list.
  3. Google Analytics URL Builder is an extension for UTM tags. Its main advantages are as follows: 
  • Mass creation of links and saving time.
  • URL is automatically filled in the form field We hope that this list will answer all your questions and helps to save time! More tools for SEO professionals can be found in the article Top SEO Tools for Businesses in 2020
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