New version 0.9.20 of SeoQuake for Google Chrome has been released!

Hello, Google Chrome friends!  We have some great news!  We’ve just released a massively updated version of SEOquake for Chrome, with all new features and upgrades.

  1. All new social media parameters are available as defaults in the SEObar!
    – Twitter tweets
    – Google Plus +1
    – Facebook Likes

    The Delicious index parameter has been removed from defaults, to make room for the new default parameters.

  2. Now available by default: Facebook ads processing!  If you advertise on Facebook, or are curious about how your competition advertises on Facebook, you’ll find this new feature indispensable.  Just log-in to Facebook, and you’ll see SEOquake and SEMrush parameters!  You can click these parameters, and be taken to a detail page for the ad in question.
  3. Bug fix: SEOquake sub domains issue fixed in Google SERPs, for when the SQ bar doesn’t exist for sub domains listed for one Google result.
  4. Bug fix: The function to sort Google results has been updated to make it work in every case.  The layout issue was fixed for Google SERPs after sorting results.
  5. Added numbering of SERP results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex. Numbering can be disabled in Preferences on General tab.
  6. Fixed issue for enabling/disabling SQ in SERPs from menu that appear when click on SQ icon near address bar.
  7. Added an exception for Check/compare URLs option: max 500 URLs/domains can be compared. If user put to use >500, SQ automatically cut them to 500 and on result Linkinfo page inform: “The number of URLs you entered was truncated to 500”
  8. Fixed the behavior of Save and Copy to Clipboard buttons in Google.
  9. Bug fix: SQ bar in SERPs is no longer cut off, but nicely overlaid above all page elements to ensure that all parameters are clickable.

About Sean

Sean works as VP of Strategic Development at SEMrush, and handles things like API integrations and partnerships. Sean is also a hobbyist programmer, and enjoys a watching nerdy movies and going to craft beer bars in Philadelphia.
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7 Responses to New version 0.9.20 of SeoQuake for Google Chrome has been released!

  1. Tim says:

    Google chrome has given a scary warning that SEOQuake can now access all kinds of private data, including browsing history and copy and paste data. How is this used?

  2. brrip says:

    it is a wesome extention ………it realy helps a lot to build links

  3. Funallo says:

    the extension is good, but will it be helpful to target keywords

  4. sheltonhuyan says:

    Thank you very much seoquake team

  5. Tesla Generator Blueprint says:

    This is a great plugin. Lots of information about the top 10 websites on Google sites.

  6. Brian says:

    I get a pop-up for this update that it has been disabled because it has new permissions. It says it can now access all data on every website we visit and every tab we have open. What are you guys using this info for?

  7. Brian says:

    Any response from SeoQuake?