SeoQuake 2.8.1 for Firefox has been released!

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce that SEOquake 2.8.1 has been released!  This new version includes a great many fantastic new features, along with several bug fixes.  Most importantly, we’ve added Google Adsense processing!  Not only can you see how many sites use the same Adsense ID (and thus have the same or related owners), but you can see information on each individual Adsense ad!  Clicking on the icon next to the ad will bring you to a detailed view, showing impressions, age, cost, and more!

SeoQuake knows Adsense!


Second, we’ve added Social Media Buttons!  Take a look at the three new buttons in the toolbar.  These buttons give you some pretty in-depth information.  Clicking on a button will bring you to the relevant metric via the social media site.  Included are Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

I know you’re probably excited to try it out.  Download SeoQuake 2.8.1 for Firefox today:

Versions for Chrome and other browsers will follow shortly.  Remember: the latest version of SeoQuake is always available via our server.  If you have SeoQuake installed from Mozilla’s store, please uninstall and reinstall directly from the above link.  This way, you’ll always have the latest version as soon as it’s ready!

Release Notes for SEOquake 2.8.1

== New Features ==
[+] issue #3563: Color picker for “highlight sites”
[+] issue #3619: ‘none’ option for hl/gl block in Google SERP
[+] issue #3649: parameters autoupdate
[+] issue #3956: Google Adsense processing
[+] issue #3579: limit the number of strings in “Check/Compare URLs and Domains”
[+] issue #3791: not only the .ru zone in Yandex SERPs can be processed
[+] issues #3763, #4345 and #4178: new Social parameters (Google Plus One etc.)

== Fixed Bugs ==
[*] issue #3482: trash icons in FF “Customize toolbars”
[*] issue #3895: Toolbar clicks improvement
[*] issue #4085: Facebook ads processing
[*] issue #3448: Menus synchronization
[*] issues #3460, #3512, #3513 and #4321: Code Cleanup and Re-factoring

[-] issue #4310: No more presets

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12 Responses to SeoQuake 2.8.1 for Firefox has been released!

  1. Thanks to the @seoquaketeam for support us by provide a great app as well as regular update.

  2. Great update, especially social media information. Is it only me or Google site information missing?

  3. G4 says:

    google index not shown

  4. cheryl says:

    I’m no longer seeing # pages indexed in Google after the update – is that feature gone or is there a setting I’m missing?

  5. Thseo says:

    Nice update 🙂


  6. mechele says:

    Very nice! Really like the Adsense ID collapsed view. What a great idea!

  7. Marj Wyatt says:

    SEO Quake just updated for me today. I love your plugin and recommend it often. Thanks again for your hard work.

    I do have a question about the new social sharing feature that you’ve added, though.

    Does this track by site url or by the page on the site? The reason that I ask is that the results displayed in the SEO Quake toolbar do not reflect the actual social media shares for pages on my site.

  8. thanks to the team!!!


  9. WoW! You guys have been working hard. This plug-in was fabulous anyway & you’ve just made it even more versatile!! Good job! 😉


  10. Brian says:

    Just got the update and all I see is a question mark at the left side and a blank bar: screenshot. I’m running FF 3.6.28.

  11. i used it. Very good tools for seo. Thanks a lot!

  12. Android Talk says:

    This is very useful addon for webmasters. Thanks to developers..