SeoQuake 2.7.8 for FireFox has been released

[*] Fixed Google PageRank (critical!)
[*] Constantly loading linkinfo.html page is opened when int/ext link is 0
[*] ‘n/a’ links within the LinkInfo etc. pages open the empty tab
[*] some Google SERP corrections

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44 Responses to SeoQuake 2.7.8 for FireFox has been released

  1. mo says:

    how can we download the latest version? it’s still 2.7.7 🙁

  2. Jeff says:

    Have you noticed that you aren’t offering 2.7.8, even though you are announcing the release?

  3. Andoo says:

    When can download 2.7.8?

  4. Major 77 says:

    Waiting for Chrome update 😉

  5. terry says:

    How do we this update? I’ve tried updating the addon within Firefox but it doesn’t fine it. Also tried reinstalling with the Install Now button and I still have 2.7.7

  6. Derek says:

    Why it’s impossible to download ver 2.7.8?
    On the main page it’s only a link for 2.7.7 version.
    Awaiting with impatience…

  7. James says:

    How do I get version 2.7.8? Every download keeps coming up with version 2.7.7 which doesn’t work for giving page rank. I’d really like the fix Fixed Google PageRank (critical!).

  8. derek says:

    Why it’s impossible to download new version 2.7.8
    On the main page only 2.7.7 is available. =(

  9. yoann says:


    How to download this version 2.7.8 ? I always find the 2.7.7 on your site so i can’t correct bugs in Firefox 7.0.1 … (linkinfo.html and google pr)
    Thx by advance

  10. ephraim says:

    Hi guyz, still having problems with the new beta release. My top domain pagerank parameter which I got from your blog is still not working properly. It just gives n/a result for all sites. Please look into it. Thanks.

  11. AdamD says:

    I’m not sure where there download is as I can’t seem to find it either 🙁
    There is a fix for the broken PageRank checker here:

  12. AdamD says:

    I’m not sure where there download is as I can’t seem to find it either 🙁
    There is a fix for the broken PageRank checker here:

  13. roddy says:

    this fix is not working for me any one else have the same prob

  14. Mike Kliem says:

    PR is still showing N/A even after update to 2.7.8

  15. Anton says:

    It’s very strange but I still cannot see the PR values (all are n/a) after the 2.7.8 update!

  16. seoquaketeam says:

    Can you give us a specific examples where the PR is no working.

  17. seoquaketeam says:

    IF the PR still not working, open the Parametres value, choose Google page rank parametre and remove word “search” in the string “…” to word “tbr” like this “…”. And test it one more time.

  18. Nige says:

    Tried that- still not working

  19. bobtalbert says:

    Still not working after changing ‘search’ to ‘tbr’.

  20. Anton says:


    This is what I see in the Google Pagerank parameters field:
    [NAME]=Google pagerank

    SEOQuake gives me n/a for any site (including sites with proven PR that I can see in the internet explorer google panel). It’s really strange!
    SEOQuake bar showing PR n/a. when I right click mouse and go to google->google pagerank, all the same n/a vaules for any site.

  21. Marco says:

    Same problem for me from Italy, no PR at all. Also changing the string.

  22. Shawn Kerr says:

    I just figured mine out, which was also showing n/a for every site through both the toolbar and when running it on Google SERPs even after updating to 2.7.8.

    In my parameters, every ampersand was showing as & except for before “features=” where the ampersand is shown in it’s HTML entity form <amp; (that may not show in comments — basically amp; follows the &. I removed that, PR stated working).

  23. Dan says:

    Changing ‘search’ to ‘tbr’ worked for me – thanks.

  24. Marianne says:

    it is still not working

  25. David says:

    Please fix this !

  26. dave says:

    Thank You Shawn!!! you fixed the problem I was having too! TY TY TY!!!! 🙂

  27. Anton says:

    You’re genious Shawn!! I just removed this as well and finally SEOQuake started to show PR values. Thanks a lot for the help!!

  28. TruXter says:

    go to the link you check pr and please remove the first spot in the link that says “search” and replace it with tbr{gchecksum}&features=Rank&q=info:’;
    Should look like this when done.
    When you get it, can you let us all know… somehow?

  29. Dan says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for updating the PR checker!
    2.7.8 works for me and now I can check PageRank!
    Keep up the great woek,


  30. Samson says:

    Big thanks to Shawn for pointing that out. I’ve been wanting this fixed for days now. Didn’t realize how much I use/needed this feature. Super happy about this.

  31. Mas Harry says:

    DONE!! Thank You Shawn!!!
    Change to this :

    [NAME]=Google pagerank

  32. Karleen says:

    Thank you Mas Harry and Shawn! I changed the URL_R to what you suggested and it works great! Such an easy fix after so many days of frustration! Thanks a million!

  33. Alec says:

    Thank you so much. Changing the search to tbr works wonderfully. Cheers.

  34. Terry says:

    How can i get the new version?

  35. Paul says:

    It still does not work for me after changing from “search” to “tbr”. Do I have to reboot the computer? I refreshed the page many times, but it showed the “n/a” where the pr is.

  36. eRock says:

    Is anybody else having a problem getting the plugin to sort the SERPs by Google PR? I just updated to the latest beta version for FF and am still using FF 4.0.1. Didn’t matter which SEOQuake version I used. It just won’t sort! Seems to work fine in Chrome, except is isn’t listed perfectly in numerical order, ie will start with PR5, PR4, etc, then PR 0, PR 1, then PR3 again. Anybody got suggestions? Thanks!

  37. Allan says:

    I’ve got it displaying PR ok, but it won’t sort. If I do a google search and try to sort the results by PR or any of the parameters, nothing happens.

  38. Jim C says:

    Awsome Shawn, that fixed it for me as well. TUVM!

  39. Claire says:

    Could someone advise what we should be clicking on to get to the Google Pagerank parameters field. I don’t know where that is.


  40. Claire says:

    Ignore the last question, I’ve found it.

    1) Go to SeoQuake Options-Preferences
    2) Select “Google pagerank” line and click “Edit”
    3) Put the following text into the “Edit parameter” box:

    [NAME]=Google pagerank

    4) Save changes.

  41. Terry says:

    I GOT THIS LINK FROM SUPPORT it will update your seo quake and get PR to show again

  42. Nick says:

    Post as above by Shawn Kerr fixed the issue for me. & value was added to the text and once removed, it works flawlessly.

  43. Jenny says:

    Thanks Terry my problem have solved.

  44. Pearl says:

    My pagerank works fine – but I still can not sort anything. Every link in the sort area points to the same link “” – is there something we can change to make the data sort again? I’m using version 2.7.9