Writing parameters for SeoQuake

To begin with, let us say few words about what SeoQuake is. SeoQuake is an extension for Mozilla Firefox browser which allows getting different parameters values for web page or random link on the fly. For example pagerank value, the number of indexed pages of web site in different search engines, rating in del.icio.us and technorati, etc. Moreover, SeoQuake is an expandable extension. That means, if you are interested in some uncommon parameter, you can add it in SeoQuake and it will be processed just as common one.

Let us try to find out what SeoQuake parameter is like and how to make your own parameter.

All parameters in SeoQuake can optionally be divided into two categories: parameters-values and parameters-links. Parameter-value is some value, calculated for a given link, for example, already mentioned pagerank. That is SeoQuake requests for some web page, looks for a required value a shows it to a user as the parameter value. For parameter-link SeoQuake just shows this link as a value. For example “whois” parameter is a parameter-link.

Parameters in SeoQuake can be presented as a record with a few standard fields.
Parameter example:

[NAME]=Alexa rank

Let us discuss probable fields in details:

  • [NAME] – Parameter name. The way it will be displayed in SeoQuake parameter list and in SeoQuake contextual menu.
  • [TITLE] – Parameter title, which will be used on output.
  • [URL_R] – Address of the web page, which contains desired parameter value.
  • [URL_S] – Address of the web page for the parameter to refer after representation. In the example above we request for Alexa Rank value from xml-document, but in case we need to look at Alexa statistics for this domain, it would be handier to move to page with detailed statistics instead of xml-document.
  • [REGEXP] – is a regular expression used by SeoQuake to pick out required value from a requested page [URL_R].
  • [ALTREGEXP] – is an alternative regular expression which will be used if the main regular expression returns no result.

[URL_S], [REGEXP] and [ALTREGEXP] fields are optional and can be omitted. If the parameter does not contain any regular expressions then it is considered to be a link.

There are plenty of articles about how to write regular expressions, that is why I will not pay much attention to this here. You can use Google or this link.

Let us take a closer look at [URL_R] and [URL_S] fields. Usually parameters are processed for a certain link or its part (for example domain). When we are trying to find out the number of web pages indexed by Yahoo searching engine, we should pass to the searching engine the domain of a web site we are interested in. For this you can use special tags in [URL_R] and [URL_S] fields, which will be changed to values by SeoQuake before the request or before the representation.

Let us take [URL_R] field of Alexa Rank parameter. It is a link


with {installdate}, {localip} and {domain|encode} tags, which will be replaced with SeoQuake installation date, your ip-address, and processing web site domain respectively before the request to Alexa.
SeoQuake is able to process following special tags:

  • {installdate} – will be changed into SeoQuake installation date;
  • {localip} – will be changed into pc ip-address;
  • {keyword} – will be changed into current search request (works on the search engines result pages only);
  • {gchecksum[|string or tags]} – will be changed into a google checksum value for a link or a random string;

and link tags:

  • {url} – will be changed into a processing link (for example, http://www.slovari.yandex.ru/search.xml?text=смысл%20жизни);
  • {domain} – will be changed into domain of the processing link (for example, www.slovari.yandex.ru);
  • {clean_domain} – will be changed into domain of the processing link without www at the beginning (for example, slovari.yandex.ru);
  • {topdomain} – will be changed into second level domain of the processing link (for example, yandex.ru);
  • {scheme} – will be changed into a protocol of the processing link (for example, http);
  • {path} – will be changed into a path of the processing link (for example, /search.xml);
  • {query} – will be changed into parameters of the processing link (for example, ?text=смысл%20жизни);

Also you can specify encode modifier in tags, which means if the special and non-English symbols will be coded or not in tag value into their url-representation.

Now let us move from theory to practice and write some new parameters.

At first let us try to add something from Web Developer Toolbar to SeoQuake, namely parameter-link to w3c validation of web page. Open settings of SeoQuake, Parameters TAB and press the “New” button. In appeared window fill the fields of our parameter this way:

[NAME]=W3 Validator

Leave [REGEXP] field blank, since we are making parameter-link not parameter-value.

Make sure that SeoQuake and Seobar or Seotoolbar are on, go to any page and see that in Seobar or in Seotoolbar a new link “validate” have appeared, left click on that link will bring us to the results of this page validation.

Now let us make something more difficult. A typical situation when being on a web page of a web site you need to find out Google Pagerank value for this web site domain. Congratulations, now it is not a problem any more!

Now create other new parameter:

[NAME]=Google Topdomain pagerank

Once again make sure that SeoQuake and Google Plugin are on, go to Google web page, make a request, in the results to which there will be links not to the main pages of web sites (for example, inurl:modules.php 😉 ) as you can see SeoQuake shows domain PR value for each link. And how do the French say, Voila!

So in order to create necessary parameter you do not need to wait until the developers of SeoQuake will make it for you. You just need to understand how does address of the web page, on which required value is presented, is defined. And how to required value get it from there (how to write a regular expression). That is all.

To be honest, you have another unique opportunity. You may ask me to write a parameter for you. For free! But I can not guarantee high efficiency. :)

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    since i’m new to writing expressions, is there any chance of having you create some for Web 2.0 conditions? such as:
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    c) Tumblr
    d) Netscape
    e) Ezinearticles
    f) Myspace
    g) Youtube
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    thx in advace .. :)

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  3. Lilith says:

    This tool is great, but I could not find a keyword density addon to show me directly the words’ density on a page. There is this firefox addon that comes together with Google and Alexa PR and nofollow highlight, but there you have to insert the keyword to look for density. What I would like is a quick and automatic keyword analyze of the page I open. Is there anything like this to add on my Firefox, please? Thanks a lot for SQ as well! It saves a lot of time!

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    To Lilith:
    These’s a keyword density analyzer in SQ itself. It provides a full report on keyword density for a page you’re viewing.

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