SeoQuake 0.4.2 for Google Chrome has been released

Hi Guys,


SeoQuake 0.4.2 for Google Chrome is released! (SeoQuake- SEO extension for Google Chrome)


Full list of parameters:
[*] Google PageRank
[*] Google Index
[*] Yahoo links
[*] Yahoo linkdomain
[*] Bing index
[*] Alexa Rank
[*] Webarchive age
[*] Delicious index
[*] Whois link
[*] Page source
[*] SEMRush rank
[*] Highlighting Nofollow links


And we really need your feedback! Please, could you have a look at it?


Please test new “sexy” style of Seobar with the following parameters in “options menu”:


vertical | right-bottom | open-minimized


You may download and install it from here:
SeoQuake- SEO extension for Google Chrome




For the extensions support please install the latest dev version of chrome for
linux (32bit):
linux (64bit):


Cheers, SeoQuake Team

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11 Responses to SeoQuake 0.4.2 for Google Chrome has been released

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  2. Sandrina says:

    I have been waiting for this ! 🙂

  3. hi3w says:

    Congratulations!Waitting for you~~

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  5. zloba says:

    it does not work on this page:

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  7. Dante says:


  8. Bryan Sayers says:

    I personally do not like chrome, however I am a big fan of seo quake! I’ve always wanted seo quake to have dmoz listings as well. Maybe a thought to have for future patches of the chrome version, and maybe one for us who still prefer the original google 🙂



  9. charles says:

    Apparently, the Install button does not allow me to install SEO quake on Chrome. Any suggestions?

  10. Kim says:

    How do you get the toolbar back on Google Chrome if you closed it out on a specific page?

  11. albert says:

    i really like chrome and its my main web browser but i just want seo quake do the same automatic display of its finds as it do on firefox.
    the fastness of chrome will be more in use as this matches the queries.Its helps a lot doing seo quake. i went to firefox only for this seo quake guick action there just to check sites and then i will go back to chrome after that coz i really like chrome for its fastness and neat, clean look.