New version 1.0.11 SQ for Chrome and 2.8.8 SQ for Firefox has been released

[ – ] FaceBook integration was removed due their demands

By February 15th, 2013 SEOquake Team is to discontinue its integration with Facebook. Starting with  the current update no likes will be displayed by the toolbar. The reason for the change is explained in a bit more details here

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11 Responses to New version 1.0.11 SQ for Chrome and 2.8.8 SQ for Firefox has been released

  1. DFD says:

    Live without Facebook!

  2. rangga says:

    What Wrong about the picture ”

  3. bassista says:

    Because Facebook is restricting the usage of their API and other internal services for 3rd party companies.

  4. zonya says:


  5. tom says:


    for some reason i don’t get the age metrics on SEQ for a few months now

    please help


  6. babanature says:

    The facebook in the toolbar makes it easy to see your statistic rather than going to your facebook direct. it would be nice if you can bring it back, how is the demand? is it large enough to discontinue it?

  7. Dong says:

    The vast majority of young users like facebook, reduce the influence of facebook as well as how to combat the monopoly of the big boys.I like it

  8. Theguideaz says:

    Great news. i always wait the new features from SQ. and i think in 2013 is very good if always linked with social signal and this tool help me to monitoring my sites about get rank and fast indexing search engine.

  9. Bill Gelwick says:

    Facebook just dose not play well with others. I don’t use that particular matrix much anyway, so it’s no great loss.