America’s Googled Thanksgiving: The Recipe Searches You May NOT Expect

Ahh, Thanksgiving. It’s the one holiday during the year where most find an excuse to indulge in all things food; and of course spend time with family, friends, and those to whom we are the closest. Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, and pumpkin pie are among the many items that you may find on your Turkey Day table, but it may be a bit more surprising what types of searches are encompassed within this cherished American holiday. So, let’s look into the eager mind of the search-savvy Thanksgiving chef.

Naturally, the first search term that would pop into the mind of the eager Thanksgiving chef is thanksgiving recipes. There are so many out there, and they depend largely what the cook is specifically looking for, but the results may be a bit surprising. To begin, Google results show that retailers such as,, and are bidding on it and advertising different aspects of the holiday such as recipe ideas, side dishes, and of course, gelatin-infused JELL-O Thanksgiving recipes. Might those be of interest to potentially make some memorable Thanksgiving meals?

Google search results show that the keyword thanksgiving recipes yields 232 million results and has an average search volume of 40,500 as designated by SEMrush, so our Turkey Day searchers are definitely making use of this term. This essentially makes it a hot ticket item on Google, but it’s the related keywords that prove to be a bit more interesting:

The keyword at the very top is the first to catch any attention: diabetic thanksgiving recipes. The public is searching for recipes that are usable for those who have diabetes, which is a serious health condition that is of concern to those cooking a fabulous Thanksgiving meal, and it has approximately 320 searches per month. In addition, there are many generalized recipe inquiries for specific items, but one in particular sticks out at the bottom of the searches: paleo thanksgiving recipes, with 260 searches per month. If one were to look up the definition of a paleolithic diet, we would find that it is defined as a caveman or hunter-gather diet wherein the individual follows an eating regimen that consists mainly of plants and animals that were typically consumed during the Paleolithic era. Yes, we are serious, and give props to those chefs who are so brave as to tackle such a distinct and archaic take on a Thanksgiving meal.

By completing a Google search for diabetic thanksgiving recipes, three bidders result:,, and, all of which are promoting recipes for Thanksgiving recipes that are for the diabetes-conscious.

By completing a Google search for paleo thanksgiving recipes, there are actually 387 thousand results, surprisingly enough, and the Paleolithic diet is designated as a “lifestyle” altogether with quite a few recipes. I don’t know if I would personally consider eating like a caveman to be the ideal lifestyle, yet it is apparent that some do. But I must admit, mushroom butter roasted turkey? Sounds delicious, so good luck to those cooks who are courageous enough to attempt it.

By continuing our search term investigation, it is evident that the public is keeping up with the health conscious trend by also searching for vegetarian thanksgiving recipes and gluten free thanksgiving recipes, as gluten-free products have become more popular as of the late and many follow vegetarian routines, even on Thanksgiving. Vegetarian chefs who may be accustomed to having a Thanksgiving sans turkey are likely zealous to find sides and dishes that can create a scrumptious and healthy meal.

By once again completing a simple Google search, it can be noticed that is bidding on the keyword gluten free thanksgiving recipes. Gluten allergies have become quite rampant, and as can be concluded by the statistics, the public is even paying attention to gluten/wheat allergies during the most food-filled holiday of the year, as many cannot eat foods such as stuffing and certain desserts – so good luck to our Gluten-free chefs!

The Food Network is a website on which many ambitious chefs obtain recipes (I know I do), whether they are for the holiday season or just for regular, day-to-day cooking. However, by viewing ads for, we are shown that they are promoting recipes specific to the Thanksgiving holiday and even those that are more basic and generalized such as sweet potatoes, and each one of their ads directs the user to their homepage.

So, it is no matter if you have prepared 30 Thanksgiving meals or if this is your very first because as the chef of this epic meal you have many search terms and choices. Even if you are following what may be considered a standard Thanksgiving dinner, are going gluten-free or vegetarian, or even delving into the sundry eating habits of the cavemen for the purposes of the holiday with the most calories of any other, SEMrush data provides and in-depth look into the definitive Thanksgiving recipe searches of the public. So whatever recipes end up on your table tomorrow, from all of us here we wish you a wonderful holiday. Gobble, gobble!


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