SeoQuake 2.8.4 for Firefox has been released

[*] Fixed “Bing index” parameter
[*] Fixed “Facebook likes” parameter
[*] Fixed “Yahoo index, Yahoo Dir, Delicious” parameters
[*] Fixed UI appearance in SERP bars FF13 (FF bug #693510 [])

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3 Responses to SeoQuake 2.8.4 for Firefox has been released

  1. agusm says:

    like this… thanks

  2. Roy says:

    It seems there is still a little bug for webarchive age data in seoquake. There is difference between whois and seoquake for webarchive age. As example, my site was created on April 2012 according to the information given by whois ( and this is correct, but seoquake gives the information of site creation on February 2008 which this is incorrect. Seoquake needs to fix this issue.


  3. ahlal86 says:

    very good…