SeoQuake 2.8.2 for Firefox has been released!

== New Features ==
[+] Alternative URL for ‘Twitter tweets’ parameter

== Fixed Bugs ==
[*] support numeration in Google ‘non-Live’ search
[*] vertical size of SEOquake Toolbar is fixed
[*] SEOquake Toolbar scrolling bug fixed

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4 Responses to SeoQuake 2.8.2 for Firefox has been released!

  1. Mila Vaciete says:

    It seemed to me that this version is faster than others, and consumes less memory on my Firefox 12. Amazing! Thank you very mush.

  2. Michael says:

    I’ve always like this app but the numbers it comes up with are wrong.

  3. cheapjordansshoes2dotorg says:

    goods software

  4. Penny Auctions says:

    SeoQuake 2.8.2 for Firefox is great, thumbs up to the developers,engineers, staff and everybody. making our lives more fun,interesting place….