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SEOquake the SEO toolbar

One of our commenters suggested this tool in the top 3 SEO tools article. As you can see in my comment there, I was pretty unimpressed when I installed it in IE7 on Vista. True to my word, I then installed the app into firefox on the mac, here is my review :):

The SEO Quake toolbar/plugin is available directly from


I’m installing into Firefox V2.0.0.14 on Mac OSX Leopard (10.5.2). The first window that the app presents me with is this one:

You have a choice of installing the Seobar version or the Seotoolbar version. I have a couple of minor observations with this which didn’t instill me with huge amounts of confidence at first glance.

1. There was an obvious difference in the look and feel but I didn’t really understand what the benefits were. There is a one-line explanation but it didn’t make sense to me.
2. There was a spelling mistake (fickle I know but hey – I’m being honest)

I decided to go for the Seobar option (for no reason other than it appealed to me more).
ohhhhh more options 😀

Here I need to select whether I would like the Seobar to display horizontally or vertically. I really did want to install the horizontal version (so I wasn’t losing either content or screen width) but decided that I wanted to be able to report on as much of the functionality as possible so selected the vertical option.
I then had to chose to load the site information on page load or when I would like to see it. I decided on the latter so as to only show what I want to see when I want to see it.

Wow – even more options (I don’t remember being asked any of this on the IE install (which might be why I thought it was so poor) – I’ll have to revisit that and see if I missed something.
Here I am showing my plugin configuration, I have selected these plugins based on the information I am interested in, you will want to customize this to your own level of interest. The plugins are then installed and Firefox restarted:

First Contact:
On reload, I am directed to the SEOQuake changelog and the new menubar appears on the left hand side of the screen.

Here as an image of the SEObar populated after a quick check of the SEOQuake site:

There are a couple of things I noticed very quickly which I liked:

1. The menubar can be moved around the screen simply with a click (of the SQ icon)+move – great when it’s obscuring something
2. The text is pretty small which means this box can be pretty small.
3. The simplicity meant that the details where easy to see and seek out exactly what you want to know.

….and a couple of things not so hot (or to be improved on):

1. A level of transparency in the bar would negate me needing to keep moving it to see what’s underneath. If I could see that I wasn’t interested in that area of the page it would limit the hassle of it being there (although I could have chosen to install it into the toolbar instead).
2. Echoing #2 above, the text is small, this could be a limitation for those with sight difficulties (yep -they do SEO 😉 )
3. I think there is a lot of scope for making this a more interactive gadget through AJAX (perhaps use it as a feed reader?!)

So what information does it give me?

1. Google Pagerank
2. Number of Google indexed pages
3. Number of Inlinks in Yahoo (for the page)
4. Number of Inlinks in Yahoo (for the domain)
5. Number of Inlinks in MSN Live Search
6. Alexa Pagerank
7. Domain Age (Date of registration)
8. Technorati Inlinks
9. Whois Lookup (at – This doesn’t work at the moment but it seems to be an issue with me or domaintools as doing it manually in the browser didn’t work either.
10. Page source code
11. Robots.txt link
12. Sitemap boolean
13. Keyword density link
14. Links on page (number)

I also noticed that when viewing the main search engines, I had a host of (for me, annoying) additional functionality, although there is arguably a clear and massive benefit to having this when comparing search terms and competing sites:




With the great degree of forethought I obviously had when putting together the main HWD website (i.e – it was lucky), the Seobar was nicely off to the left and not obscuring any part of the content (nice!).

Overall I really like it – I’m still not sold on the info being on the browser, I like using sites to periodically check the status of our site(s) but I do wonder whether repeated use of tools such as this one could negatively affect positioning (although I doubt it). It also seems to clutter my browsing experience although I can’t really think of a better way of doing it myself. If I installed every toolbar which had a degree of functionality I like, I would have about an inch in which to view sites as the rest of the window would be full of toolbars. This does seem to have a lot of features though and is more customizable than any other toolbar I have come across and that deserves serious kudos!
I need to revisit the IE version as for me, it very nearly prevented me installing the Firefox version as all and had that been the case, I would have been a little less tooled up for my SEO. This one will definately be added to the “box of tricks”. It’s fair to say that this really is just the basics of this application, the more I look, the more I find so I will follow up with a more detailed look into the application relating to some of its more advanced features.

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1 Step to Assessing your Client through their Web Site

I love this site for a first glance at what words (note the use of the term “words” and not “keywords”) for which a web site has rankings. You can use this information to see if there has been any value to their word use as far as keywords and rankings. It also shows what type of words they use, or don’t, in determining possible better or more useful keywords for an SEO project.

This website shows that it holds position 6 in the Google rankings for the search term “search visibility”. will show rankings for a variety of words but sometimes the words that are ranking have no search value at all and should not be considered keywords in any discussion. So, do note the WordTracker and Overture counts (seen under WT and OT above) and/or verify the word values.

This will give you a start at discussing rankings to your client especially because you’ll have examples of words, and hopefully keywords, that pertain specifically to their site.

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No-Cost SEO Tool to Help You Increase Your Website Traffic

Cost: Free
Description: SeoQuake is a Firefox plug-in that’s great for researching your search competition. It can resort search results based on a range of factors, including:
o Number of Web pages
o Number of links from Yahoo!
o Number of links from MSN
o Alexa rank
o Domain age
o Links from

Use the tool to:
A. Reveal reorders
By reordering the search results by these often SEO-beneficial parameters, you can discover why the competition is outranking you.

“You might say, ‘Wow, what I’m realizing is that everyone that’s above me is actually outranking me because they’ve got more links,’ or maybe their domains are older, or maybe, if I sort by mentions, they’re actually getting a lot more social media mentions,” Reynolds says.

B. Adjust your strategy
Reynolds uses this tool the most after he has done “a few optimization rounds for terms where we’re not ranking where I want us to be ranking. It gives me an idea on where we might need to bolster certain parts of the SEO strategy.”

“When we first start doing the competitive analysis, we’re looking at where the people that outrank [clients] for their major terms have an advantage and then that would then affect the strategies we implement and the order of those strategies as they’re being implemented. So do we first go out after a link campaign? Do we first go out after social media? Do we maybe buy an older domain? All of those things could play into your strategy, but by doing this, it makes it a lot easier and a lot quicker to take that data into Excel, manipulate it and round out your SEO strategy.”

C. Export data
After you reorder a list, the tool will let you easily export the information to Excel, Reynolds says. There, you can filter the data to get a deeper analysis.

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Making use of SeoQuake

I’ve been using Seoquake tool for quite a long time till now and i can say it’s a very useful tool for both newbies and oldies in the online marketing game. It is a powerful tool for Mozilla Firefox and for Internet Explorer, aimed at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites. Seoquake allows user to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly. Lot’s of direct information are gathered through, you can manage it in your own way by choosing which information you want to appear when making use of the toolbar such as google page rank(PR), Google Msn & Yahoo index, Google Msn & Yahoo linkdomains, Whois, Alexa Rank, Delicious Technorati & Digg index among others. Get the Seoquake addon at

SeoQuake preferences screenshot

Or you can make it appear on the website you visit by enable the option through preferences.
SeoQuake SeoBar screenshot

Project Seoquake is being constantly polished and enhanced. All SERP changes are tracked down and taken into account. Update your version regularly.

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SeoQuake review in German

De SeoQuake Firefox Plugin de Zoekmachine Parameters analyse Tool

Als met Zoekmachine Optimalisatie bezig bent, dan wil je graag een makkelijke manier hebben om een website, van jezelf of de competitie, op een aantal parameters te controleren.

Voor Firefox heb je dan een aantal zeer goede Plugins, zoals de SEOpen Toolbar en natuurlijk de Oy-Oy Search Engine Extension die je een wereld van informatie kunnen verschaffen over een website.

En voor meer design analyses, heb je de Web Developer Extension.

Maar deze Plugin van SeoQuake kende ik nog niet.. hij is geschikt voor Firefox, maar ook beschikbaar voor Internet Explorer.

Natuurlijk staat hij bij mij in Firefox geinstalleerd 🙂

De SeoQuake Firefox Plugin

De plugin laat je direct in een kleine balk allerlei parameters zien, zoals Google PR , Indexed pages in Google, Yahoo, Live, Alexa ranking, Domein Leeftijd en nog meer.
En dat alleen al in de “Basic” setting, er is ook nog een “Advanced” en je kunt je eigen parameters activeren of anderen uitschakelen, te veel om hier allemaal op te noemen.
Er is zelfs een aparte AddOns Bibliotheek waarmee je nog meer parameters kun vinden.

Eerste deel van de SeoQuack Balk

Tweede deel van de SeoQuack Balk

Zoals je kunt zien, krijg je in een snel gevulde balk allerlei informatie over de site die je op dat moment bezoekt.

Als je naar de laatste velden kijkt, dan zie je daar ook “Density” staan en “Links” die zowel de interne als de externe laat zien.

Natuurlijk staan de woorden vooraan in de tabel, maar ook nog eens met een Cloud overzicht ernaast.

Keyword Density Check

 De tweede optie die ik noemde , de links analyse, is zeker voor de externe links de moeite waard..

Dus niet alleen deze opties, maar de hele taakbalk is de moeite zeker waard, alleen al om de snelheid waarmee die gegevens verzameld worden… soms is de pagina zelf nog niet eens volledig geladen..

Externe Links checker

Dus echt een goede extensie, deze SeoQuack Plugin.
Downloaden en installeren dus de SeoQuack Plugin

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SeoQuake 2.1.3 for FireFox released

[*] Fixed “Open minimized” mode of seobar.
[*] Fixed density button at seotoolbar.
[*] Fixed “new-profile” bug in AdsSpy plugin.

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SeoQuake поможет с тИЦем

Сегодня решил написать небольшую заметочку, которая должна помочь многим ответить на очень часто задаваемый вопрос: «как повысить тИЦ?»

Делать будем вот что:

Для начала, берем, уже полюбившийся нам, SeoQuake и активируем в нем плагин, который показывает тИЦ. Дальше идем в гугл и ищем там вордпрессы, например таким способом: Оставьте комментарий Введите нижние символы (советую выставить выдачу по 100 результатов). Теперь всё просто. Сортируем результаты выдачи по тИЦу, выбираем сайты/блоги с тИЦем, ну скажем, выше 100 и пишем умные каменты, при этом не забываем проверять страницы, где каментим, на момент индексации в ПС Яндекс.

Всё! Самое гениальное — просто. Главное, чтоб хватило терпения!

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SeoQuake + голова = PageRank 5

Пиар 5 – это не фантастика и многие имеют эту самую цифру в своем баре, но с другой стороны если достаточное количество людей, которые мечтают получить эту самую заветную пятерочку. Вот для и напишу этот пост.

Все по сути очень легко, только бы набраться терпения. Для начала устанавливаем SeoQuake, если он еще не установлен, и начинаем свой путь с любого буржуйского блога (вбейте в гугл любой опознавательный знак, например, Вордпресса) . На найденном вами блоге ищите любую тему, где есть много комментариев и начинайте просматривать всех комментаторов. Просматривать как? Да так, чтоб увидеть какой пиар у их сайтов, которые они ну явно не просто так пихают в поле “url:”. Советую останавливаться на тех сайтах “комментаторов”, у которых этот самый пиар от 5 и выше.

Дальше нам нужно найти сайты, которые проспамлены (поверьте, их много и находятся они за 5 минут -максимум). Нашли? Теперь смотрим их беки в Yahoo и находим там сайты (блоги), на которых нет нофолов (я обычно это делаю путем просмотра исходного кода выделенного фрагмента). Для ленивых: стартуйте с беков, например

Теперь самое интерестное – мы дошли до применения SeoQuak`а.

Берем блог (конечно же без nofollow), где заспамился наш пациент, смотрим как там пишутся комментарии (например add comment), и вбиваем в гуглю такую вот строчечку site:сайт.ru(понятно да? что это адрес того сайта, где мы хотим спамить) add comment (и это надеюсь понятно? что этот тот отличительный знак, где можно вписать свой линк). Конечно нам в результатах выдачи выбило все страницы, на которых можно впихнуть свой линк (кстати советую ставить выдачу гугла по 100 результатов). Теперь с помощью SeoQuak`a мы сортируем эти странички по пиару и на самых высоких – спамим.

Вот так вот все легко, главное понять весь механизм. Чтоб вас мотивировать скажу, что у меня в базе уйма страниц с пиаром 5-6, где можно заспамиться, так что дерзайте.

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Beyond Keyword Research: Utilizing Analytics

One data source you will find useful after your initial site optimization is This site offers users a look at the terms, within the top 60 million search queries, that their site ranks for in the top 20 results in the Google SERPs. With this ranking information, also displays the Wordtracker and Overture keyword popularity data for that term.

SEO Digger, like all applications, has its issues. I often find that the keyword popularity data found in its reports does not match what Wordtracker itself produces. Also the listing of the Overture and Wordtracker data side by side can lead to confusion for a person just setting out in keyword research.

An effective way to utilize SEO Digger is to use the application to locate high trafficked terms, which you did not overtly optimize for, but that you are now ranking well for in the top 5 results in the SERPs. Note these terms, and analyze their productivity in terms of conversion. The question you will need to ask yourself is, “do these terms justify content created specifically for them, rather than the content that they now rest in?” If these terms are converting well (a broad, general goal is usually 2.5%, but it really depends on your market), and you are maintaining top rankings for the terms, what is the sense in messing with a good thing?

Another way I like to utilize SEO Digger is to target possible longtails buried on the second page that some optimization could bump into a productive spot. As you dig through these terms keep the why? of your visitor in mind. It’s a great feeling to rank for a term, but that energy you wasted optimizing for a term that will never convert, but is now #1, is going to cost you money, and in the end this whole process is about revenue.

You should leave with a good understanding of:

1) The health of your site in terms of search
2) A list of surprise top 5 terms to monitor in terms of conversion
3) A list of second page longtails that you feel will convert, and thus willl optimize for

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3 SEO-ориентированных аддона в помощь оптимизатору

2. SEO Quake
SEO Quake – еще один интересный аддон, который вы возможно захотите установить. С SEO Quake работа над продвижением сайта станет проще. После установки инструмента, зайдите на главную страницу Google (есть возможность добавить поиск и по Яндексу!) и введите фразу для поиска. Рядом с каждой найденной ссылкой вы увидите дополнительную информацию, собранную SEO Quake: PR, Alexa рейтинг, количество проиндексированных страниц,число входящих ссылок и т.д. Вы можете настроить отображение самых различных данных.

Если вам необходимо бОльшее число входящих ссылок, то вы можете найти даные о конкуренте, и посмотреть все ссылающиеся на него страницы. Таким образом, вы получите список сайтов, где можете разместить свои ссылки.

SEO Quakе также позволяет сохранить все данные отчетов в CSV формате. Единственный минус аддона – это замедление скорости загрузки страниц поиска, но серфинг информации можно отключить, если в данный момент эта функция вам не нужна.

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