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Spy On Your Competition Instantly

I was blown away when I found this little gem. If you are attempting to generate any revenue online what-so-ever it is a must that you download this little plugin. I’m talking about SeoQuake! It’s a little tool for Mozilla Firefox and for Internet Explorer.This tool is aimed at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites. Seoquake allows user to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly.
This plugin will instantly reveal Google Page Rank, How many pages have been indexed by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You can also tell instantly what the exact Alexa ranking for your competitors page is. You can see at a glance what the pages Archive Age is. You can see how many pages have been indexed by Delicious. At the click of a mouse button you can get your competitors whois information. With another click of the mouse you can obtain the page source (to study such things as keyword placement etc…)

This tool also gives you the ability to instantly look at a pages Keyword Density in great detail. You can also instantly see the number of internal and external links. All of this information is a must if you plan on dominating your market.

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SEO Optimization and Keyword Research

But we don’t want just tags. We have a greater purpose here today. We want to try and optimize our hub so that it shows up on the first page in Google’s search results. That’s were SEOQuake comes into to play. We’ve already turned on SEOQuake’s Google tool. Let’s give it a whirl. In a new browser window, go to Google and search on the word ‘anxiety’. Or, just click here and it will take you straight to the Google search results for anxiety without you having to type it in. Then… watch the magic of SEOQuake.

You’ll notice the search results look a little different. Underneath each result there is a new row of information provided by SEOQuake.

SEOQuake Search Results

Look what SEOQuake does with Google Search Results
Look what SEOQuake does with Google Search Results
What Does It All Mean?
Let’s take a look at these in turn and discuss briefly their meaning.

GPR 6:
This is the Page Rank that Google has given this page (not site) according to it’s algorythm. Google ranks pages from 0 to 10. The higher the rank, the more Google esteems this page. However, higher page rank doesn’t always mean higher rankings. You’ll often see pages with lower PR ranking higher in the results than those with higher PR.
GI 7,050,000
This is the number of pages belonging to this website that Google has catelogued in its index. In this case, the site is Wikipedia. Wikipedia could in fact have more pages than this. This number is only what Google has managed to index at this point.
YL 2,004:
This is the number of incoming links Yahoo! has found coming to this site. This is data we are looking for when we want to rank high in Google for a keyword or phrase. More on this later.
YD 70,186,345:
This is the number of incoming links Yahoo! has found coming into this domain as a whole. So Wikipedia has 70 million plus links coming into the whole site (according to Yahoo!), while 2,004 of those links are directed at this specific page.
I 33,800,000:
This is number of pages MSN has indexed for Wikipedia. Quite a few more than Google.

So What Are We Looking For?

So what does all this data mean? Well, we are only interested in two numbers. The incoming links to the webpage and the domain. In the results above for Wikipedia, thats 2,004 and 70,186,345 respectively. Why are these numbers important? A big part of what Google considers when deciding to rank one page above another is the number of incoming links. Google thinks that if a lot of other websites are linking into this page, then it must be important. Let’s put it up near the top of the results. Or, in the case of Wikipedia’s page on anxiety, right in the #1 spot.Take a quick look at these numbers for the pages below Wikipedia. You’ll find that the numbers are impressive. Basically, if you want your page on anxiety to appear on the first page of Google’s results, you’ll have to have more links coming into your page than these pages do.After you’ve looked at these numbers enough for various keywords, you’ll find that there isn’t any hard and fast rules. Sometimes you’ll see sites with less links and lower PR ranking higher. No one knows what’s in Google’s algorythm for sure, so you’ll sometimes see some pretty strange results. However, I believe that in general, if you can get more links coming into your page than others on Google’s first page of results, then with a little effort you should be able to get top 10 rankings in a few weeks or months.

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Description of SeoQuake FF

It’s really time consuming if you are browsing through a website and really keen to learn about its pagerank, alexa ranking, number of backlinks it has and all SEO data associated to it especially when it involves many sites. SEO Quake simplify your chores by automatically displaying all SEO data at the top of websites you drop by and is currently available to the Internet Explorer and Firefox users. Basically, this plugin consists of two functional parts that are Seo Bar and Inclusion of Parameters in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) SeoBar
SeoBar can be described as an additional toolbar, which shows the values of selected parameters for the page currently opened in the browser window. Set of parameters shown by SeoBar is fully customizable by user.

Inclusion of parameters in SERPs
After submission of the query into the search engine user is presented with SERP with search results. SeoQuake shows values of the parameters for search results under each search result shown on SERP. Set of parameters shown is fully customizable by user. Loading of parameters can be handled in two different ways – simultaneously with the loading of the SERP or after SERP loading, by user demand.

While having a wide range of default parameters, SeoQuake also gives users the opportunity to create their own parameters and also group them into presets and switch between these presets on the fly, during the work. SeoQuake also gives users the opportunity to create their own parameters and also group them into presets and switch between these presets on the fly, during the work.

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SeoQuake IE 1.1.2

[*] Fixed “Density” – added 2,3,4 – word phrases count. Now support big size of source – up to 15 mb. Fast speed. Find words in title / description / keywords. Not case-sensitive.
[+] “IE Code” support tag
[+] Automaticly activate SeoQuake toolbar
[*] Some code optimization

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MoneyQuake – 1.1.0

[+] added ‘’
[+] added ‘’
[+] added ‘’
[+] added ‘’
[+] added ‘’
[+] new function – custom systems.
[+] currency symbols added for some systems.
[*] local time format fixed
[*] fixed ‘Google Adsense’

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SeoDigger Shows You On What Keywords Your Site Is Ranking High

This Is A Cool Free SEO or Search Engine Optimization Tools That Can Show You On Which Keywords Your Site Have High Ranking On Google Search Results!
The name is SEODigger which is a free SEO tool that can help you generate a report that shows the keywords that your site or blog ranks high on Google search results… This is very helpful because you can see what keywords you already ranking on the top 5 or 10 so you can optimize your site to keep those rankings and even take it to the top 3 spots.

Another thing that this search engine optimization tool report shows is those keywords where you are on position 10 or higher so you can focus on the one that are really related to your niche and try to push your site to the top spots.

Also, something that was really useful is that you can see the traffic that those keywords are generating, that way to can pick the one with high inquiries and optimize your web site or blog to get rank higher for those top keywords.

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About SeoQuake FF

What this wonderful toolbar does is provides you will all that information you would spend a good 10-15 minutes hunting for about any website on the internet. The toolbar sits right under your address bar, or wherever you decide to place it and gives you a plethora of valuable information for the budding internet entrepreneur. Information starts at, but is not limited to: Google PageRank and Index Number, Yahoo Links and LinkDomain, the MSN Index, Alexa Rank, the site IP, easy access to the Whois information, Link Density, Incoming and Outgoing links, and a ton more. There are so many options for this toolbar its almost ridiculous.

I have installed the SeoQuake plugin for Firefox. So far so good. I really like how it instantaneously gives me relevant information about site or any sites I visit for that matter. During the install you are given two options: 1. SeoBar, 2. Seo Toolbar. At first I selected SeoBar just because I was not sure what that was going to be, what it does is it places the SeoQuake functions within the browsing window rather than in the toolbar section of your browser. I did not like that so I went in and changed my preferences to use the toolbar instead.

I definitely recommend anyone with a site check this out. Even if you do not have a website or blog, it can equally be of interest to see the data of the sites you visit.

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SeoQuake – приносит много хороших бэклинков.

Поделюсь тем, как я получил:

6 ссылок PR7
29 ссылок PR6
67 ссылок PR5
62 ссылки PR4
48 ссылок PR3

прямых, по ключевому слову и совершенное бесплатно :-)
Собственно, метод давно известен и вовсю применяется у дорвейщиков. Просто они ищут места с PR3 и ниже, а я решил искать сразу жирные ссылки с PR3 и выше. А то ведь нафига время тратить на пустоту?

Кто ищет, тот всегда найдет.
Алгоритм следующий:
1) Ставите плагин SEO Quake.
2) Идете в Google и настраиваете вывод по 100 сайтов на странице.
3) Ищете сайты с возможностью комментирования и добавления URL с ключевым словом (угадайтеЮ, что это за сайты :-) и упорядочиваете список по PR (с помощью SEo Quake).
4) Берете первый, самый крутой сайт, и ищете в Google все его страницы, например: site: Упорядочиваете список по PR с помощью SEO Quake.
5) Выгружаете список сайтов в CSV-файл. Опять же с помощью SEO Quake.
6) Проходитесь по всем сайтам.
Всё. Так я и нарыл ссылки. На всё-про-всё понадобилось часа 2. Буду потихоньку туда прописываться. Посмотрим, что из этого получится.

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MoneyQuake – 1.0.8

[+] Added “Begun Ads” system.
[+] Added “E-customer” (Yandex.Direct) system.
[+] Added “Glavmed” system.
[*] some interface changes.

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SeoQuake IE 1.1.1

[+] “Density” (alpha 2 edition)

[+] Testing & debuging on Windows Vista Ultimate

[+] Fixed some errors with Windows Vista

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