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Seoquake change log for Chrome

New version 1.0.18 SQ for Chrome and 2.8.13 SQ for Firefox has been released

[*] “SeoAdv” size increased to 520×90.
[*] Minor improvements in https Google SERPs

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New version 1.0.17 SQ for Chrome and 2.8.12 SQ for Firefox has been released

[ * ] Fixed parameters Google Index & Google Links & Facebook Likes
[ * ] Improved “Favicon” detection in “Diagnosis tool”

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New version 1.0.16 SQ for Chrome and 2.8.11 SQ for Firefox has been released

[*] Fix for new Google Blogsearch layout

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New version 1.0.15 SQ for Chrome and 2.8.10 SQ for Firefox has been released

[ * ] Google SERP Fixed

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New version 1.0.14 SQ for Chrome has been released

[ * ] “Wabarchive age” worked again
[ * ] “Bing indexed pages” worked again
[ - ] Removed SEObar showing on

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New version 1.0.12 SQ for Chrome has been released

[*] Density bug fixed (Original text was splitted incorrectly)

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New version 1.0.11 SQ for Chrome and 2.8.8 SQ for Firefox has been released

[ - ] FaceBook integration was removed due their demands

By February 15th, 2013 SEOquake Team is to discontinue its integration with Facebook. Starting with  the current update no likes will be displayed by the toolbar. The reason for the change is explained in a bit more details here

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New version 1.0.10 of SQ Chrome has been released

[*] Fixed “Print” bug
[*] Minor improvements

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Give joy, get joy! Join the SEMrush Pro community for free!

SEMrush Promocode 1 month!

For the very first time, SEMrush is glad to announce that we will be giving away a full month PRO account free to everyone.  In the past, we’ve had promotions for 2 weeks access, 1 Dollar first month subscription, significant discounts and much more, but never have we given access completely free for a whole month. In addition, we value our current paid members so much that we have given them another great promotion – upgrading their current accounts from Pro to Guru and from Guru to Enterprise. In case your product is not a monthly recurring subscription, please contact our Support Team.
How awesome is that!?

So, by now you are probably wondering, why are we doing all of this? Read on.
For the last 6 months our team has worked extremely hard – developing, updating, and refreshing a lot our service. We are now proud to announce the full list of our achievements:

New, sleek user interface
Our new GUI (interface) makes navigating through our website simpler, and it’s now much easier than ever to search for the appropriate data.  Not only is it more elegant looking, but we’ve paid extra attention to enabling you to view all information in a clean, logical and concise manner.
Reports on Facebook Advertising

SEMrush brought a major first to the industry – we now provide advertising data from Facebook.  In fact, no one has ever provided this data anywhere else, ever before. It is absolutely brand new, innovative, and an extremely exciting feature. The most useful aspect about this, is that it gives you the ability to observe and analyze what a specific domain is doing with their Facebook Ads on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Advanced keyword filtering
First, it makes everyone’s life a lot easier. This option allows the user to combine many different filters and search exactly for keywords they’re looking for. The real benefit of filtering is saving countless hours of going through keywords, sorting them, removing duplicates in Excel and much more. Now you can do it directly on SEMrush’s interface, and export the results in one click.
Domain vs domain final release
In the Domain vs domain tool, we’ve added all the necessary changes, revamped the diagrams, added filtering options and gave full access to all our of users at any account level. We received a lot of feedback and suggestions on improving it, and as our way of saying thanks to the community, we replied with a feature we’re really proud of!
Competition Level column
We presented a new Competition Level column which includes a quick-glance graph in our Domain Keywords Report’s “Competitors in Organic Research” and “Competitors in Advertising Research.”
Branded PDF reports
We’ve already had nice looking PDF reports for ages, but never before have we had the ability to add your own company logo. We knew that you asked us a lot about branding opportunities, so we’ve provided it in a way that’s easy to use.

Charting feature to our Domain vs domain report
We can’t stop the innovation process, so we went a step further and added the charting feature. Nothing will make your search experience more enjoyable than using our charts.
Historical Data
The most spectacular and exciting update done during the winter! Historical data for the last 6 months is now available on our Guru and Enterprise level, for all domain reports.

We hope that the aforementioned new features and updates compel you to take SEMrush for a test drive. We are confident that by doing so, you will see that it is a valuable tool to include into your arsenal.

Activate your account right now and become part of our Pro community!
Promocode: XMASGIFT-2Z167354

As always, if you have any questions or any feedback, please let us know. We take your suggestions very seriously, as we are always working to improve and make SEMrush a more useful and powerful tool for our valued members.

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New version 1.0.9 of SeoQuake for Google Chrome has been released

[+] Keywords prominence field added in density module
[*] Fixed “Facebook ADs” showing

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